Trail Snow Report

Grand Portage State Park

Trail conditions:

We have an average of about 24 inches of snow cover on the ground. As of February 25th (the last time we received fresh snow), snow has been cleared from the High Falls Trail up to (but not including) the boardwalk. The Middle Falls Trail is open for snowshoeing and snowshoe rentals are available at the park office.

The trail(s):


  • Snowshoe rentals available.

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Last updated on March 12, 2018. Local snow depth is 24".

Getting there

9393 East Highway 61
Grand Portage, MN 55605

The park is located 7 miles northeast of Grand Portage off of Highway 61. Follow park road to trailhead.

Parking is available at the trailhead.


Phone: (218) 475-2360
Email: [email protected]
Contact hours vary, please leave a message for manager to return.

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