Sakatah Lake State Park

Trail conditions:

The sunshine the past couple of days has helped to create a layer of ice on top of the snow that can be slick in sections, so watch your step out on the trails. There will be a special muzzle-loader hunt in the park this Saturday and Sunday, the 7th and 8th. It is lottery only, and the registration period has passed. The park will still be open to the public, however wearing blaze orange or other brightly colored clothing is highly recommended.

The trail(s):
The trail is wooded, following along the lakeshore with rolling hills. Wildlife may vary. The park has 5 miles of hiking trails. Approximately 3 miles of the 39-mile-long Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail runs through the park and is available for snowmobiling in the winter.
You can snowshoe anywhere in Minnesota's state parks and recreation areas, except on trails that are specifically groomed for another activity, such as skiing or snowmobiling.


  • Snowshoeing is permitted anywhere in the park.

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Last updated on December 04, 2019. Local snow depth is 6".

Getting there

50499 Sakatah Lake State Park Road
Waterville, MN 56096

From Waterville, take Highway 60 one and one half miles east to park entrance.

Parking is available in the park.


Phone: 507-698-7850
Email: [email protected]
Contact hours vary, please leave a message.

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