Taconite/David Dill State Trail - St Louis County

Trail conditions:

The entire Taconite is groomed from Ely to Hwy 73. With the recent snow in the last week, and early-season traffic, the trails are still holding up well and looking great! Just a heads up, there are two organized trail rides this week, the Northland 300 throughout the week and weekend, and the Fun Run on Saturday between Ely, Babbitt, and Tower/Fortune Bay. For all trails, use caution while riding. There are active logging operations on multiple sections of the trails. Please travel at appropriate speeds and stay to the right. No Motorized Vehicles other than snowmobiles are allowed on State Trails or Grant-in-Aid snowmobile trails.

Trail conditions: very good
Trail groomed? yes
Trail base: 2-6"
Trail mileage: 165.0

The trail(s):
Taconite State Trail stretches one hundred sixty five miles from Grand Rapids to Ely through many scenic vistas of rolling hillsides, lakes, rivers and forests.


  • There are several trail shelters along the trail located at popular stopping points offering scenic vistas..

Last updated on January 22, 2020. Local snow depth is 16-36".

Getting there

650 Hwy 169
Tower, MN 55790

There are various spots to pick up this trail. Parking and trail access available in Ely, Tower, Hwy 169 south of Tower 5 miles past Buyers Y Store, Hwy 1 about 4 miles north of 169 and Hwy 53 just north of trail crossing.

Parking is available at the above locations.


Phone: 218-300-7841
Email: [email protected]
Contact hours vary, please leave a message.

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