Birding in Minnesota State Parks

Birders in a Minnesota State Park.
Minnesota state parks are a haven for birds and birdwatchers alike. Bird habitats around Minnesota—and everywhere in the world—are declining, and as a result, so are many bird species and populations. The state parks provide and preserve a much-needed variety and diversity of habitats for birds. If you want to see birds in Minnesota, visit a state park!

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Birding events in Minnesota State Parks

Events Calendar


Glendalough State Park

Autumn- Nature Walk


Whitewater State Park

Bird Banding Demonstration


Gooseberry Falls State Park

What's H.A.M.


Gooseberry Falls State Park

Fast Flyers: Peregrine Falcons


Fort Snelling State Park

Fall Nature Walk


Fort Snelling State Park

Winter Bird Feeding


Fort Snelling State Park

Birds, Books, and Binoculars


Itasca State Park

23rd Annual Itasca State Park Winter Bird Count

Birds of Minnesota State Parks

Photo of the book jacket

We're thrilled to introduce Birds of Minnesota State Parks, which was 11 years in the making and includes more than 200 pages of maps, color photos and insider tips on finding and identifying over 300 birds that can be seen in Minnesota state parks.

The book was a labor of love by noted ornithologist and author Bob Janssen, Minnesota State Parks and Trails, and the Minnesota Nongame Wildlife Program.

Available for purchase here: