Birding in Minnesota state parks

Birders in a Minnesota State Park.

Bird watching resources


Minnesota state parks and recreation areas provide and preserve a variety of bird habitats, from the bogs of Lake Bemidji State Park to the prairies of Blue Mounds State Park. Grab your binoculars and hit the trails!

Events calendar

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03/16/24Afton Bluebird Nest BoxesAfton State Park
03/16/24Sand Point Bird WalkFrontenac State Park
03/23/24Spring's a Coming! Headwaters WalkItasca State Park
04/06/24Bird Walk - CampgroundFrontenac State Park
04/13/24Junior Rangers - Feathered FriendsJay Cooke State Park
05/04/24Bird Walk - CampgroundFrontenac State Park
05/26/24Falcons, Live!Frontenac State Park
06/08/24Bird Walk - CampgroundFrontenac State Park
06/22/24Prairie Loop Bird Walk Frontenac State Park
07/13/24Bird Walk - CampgroundFrontenac State Park
07/15/24Eyes on the Skies: Birds as Indicators of Ecosystem Health, Nature of Science SeriesItasca State Park
07/27/24Sand Point Bird WalkFrontenac State Park
08/10/24Bird Walk - CampgroundFrontenac State Park
08/24/24Prairie Loop Bird WalkFrontenac State Park
09/01/24Falcons, Live!Frontenac State Park
09/14/24Bird Walk - CampgroundFrontenac State Park
09/28/24Sand Point Bird WalkFrontenac State Park
10/19/24Bird Walk - CampgroundFrontenac State Park
11/09/24Sand Point Bird WalkFrontenac State Park
12/07/24Sand Point Bird WalkFrontenac State Park

Birds of Minnesota State Parks

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A partnership between ornithologist and author Bob Janssen, Minnesota State Parks and Trails, and the Minnesota Nongame Wildlife Program, Birds of Minnesota State Parks offers maps, color photos and insider tips to help you find and identify over 300 bird species in Minnesota.

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