Luce Line State Trail

Luce Line State Trail

Trail Alert

Social distancing

This trail is experiencing very high use this month and it may not be possible to practice social distancing on it. People cluster around signs and trailheads, and when there are many people on a stretch of trail at the same time, it is not possible to pass or approach without coming within six feet of others. If you see a lot of cars in the parking lot or at the trailhead, turn around and find someplace else for outdoor recreation.

Updated May 5, 2021


The Luce Line State Trail is a 63 mile long former railroad grade which is developed for biking, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, snowmobiling, and skiing. The limestone surfaced trail runs from Plymouth 30 miles west to Winsted, with a parallel treadway for horseback riding and other non-motorized uses. From Winsted to Hutchinson, the trail is paved, from Hutchinson to Cedar Mills it is crushed granite and Cedar Mills to Cosmos it is Natural (mowed grass). Snowmobiles are allowed on the trail west of Stubb's Bay Road.


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Stretching across the varied landscapes of metropolitan and rural Minnesota, the Luce Line is a preserved strip of countryside alive with many varieties of plants and animals. In the east the influence is woodland, a carry-over from the Big Woods that once occupied the area. Rolling stands of sugar maple and basswood, along with many colorful forest floor ground-cover plants can be found here. From Hutchinson westward, the Big Woods gives way to remnants of the tall-grass prairie, with many prairie plants still visible.

Wildlife inhabitants range from deer, fox and mink to owls and pheasant. Many adjacent lakes also support ducks and geese. The Luce Line is truly like a jaunt down a quiet country road.

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Trail uses



mountain bikingMountain biking



Wheelchair accessAccessible Outdoors (electric wheelchairs allowed)


You will need a horse pass if you will be horseback riding, and for snowmobiling, a snowmobile must be registered or have a snowmobile state trail sticker. No other fees or passes are required to use the trail.


Do not leave valuables in your vehicle!

Parking is available at the following trail accesses:

  • Cedar Mills: Parking lot located on the south side of Hwy 7, east of the grain elevator.
  • Cosmos: Thompson Park offers parking, 252nd Avenue and within Cosmos (on road).
  • County Road 92: along the road Lyndale.
  • County Road 127, south of County Road 20, Caver County.
  • Highway 100: just outside of Maple Plain.
  • Hutchinson: Parking is available at the Odd Fellow’s Park (west side of town). Parking is available at the intersection of 4th Ave NE and Arch Street and also within the city.
  • Long Lake: off Stubbs Bay Road.
  • Plymouth: off of 10th Ave. No. and Vicksburg Lane.
  • Silver Lake: Parking area is located on north side of Highway 7 at Park Avenue.
  • Watertown: within the town.
  • Vega Ave.: just west of of Watertown.
  • Winsted: Trail parking is available on Babcock Ave/County Road 1 and Kingsley St/County Road 9 (on road).

Restroom facilities are provided along the trail at these points:

  • Highway 101
  • Willow Drive (Available seasonally on-site from April-November.)
  • County Road 92
  • Old Long Lake Road (Available seasonally on-site from April-November.)
  • Other adjacent city and regional parks along the trail.

All users must yield to horses. Stop and dismount if requested.

  • Stay on the trail.
  • Keep to the right.
  • All pets must be on a leash.
  • Clean up all pet waste.
  • Obey traffic signs and rules.
  • Respect private property adjacent to the trail.
  • Camping and campfires are not permitted on the Luce Line State Trail.
  • Enjoy the beauty of wild plants and animals, but leave them undisturbed for all to enjoy.
  • Minnesota Rules, 6100.3000 apply on the Luce Line State Trail.

Skiing is suggested between Vickburg Lane and Stubb's Bay Road. Ungroomed trails do not require a ski pass.

Snowmobiles are allowed on the trail west of Stubb’s Bay Road but are prohibited between Vicksburg Lane and Stubbs Bay Road. Be aware of local speed limit restrictions. A snowmobile must be registered or have a snowmobile state trail sticker.

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