Matthew Lourey State Trail

Matthew Lourey State Trail


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The Matthew Lourey State Trail is a multi-use, natural and gravel surfaced trail that spans approximately 80 miles and passes through forests linking St. Croix State Park with Chengwatana, St. Croix and Nemadji state forests. The entire trail is open to hiking and snowmobiling. Off-highway vehicle riding is allowed on some portions of the trail in the state forests, and horseback riding and mountain biking is allowed in some sections within St. Croix State Park. Some areas may be impassable in summer.


The trail travels through remote forests and is primarily located on DNR-administered lands, including Nemadji, St. Croix, and Chengwatana state forests, and St. Croix State Park

Common mammals noticed along the trail include whitetail deer, raccoon, red fox, porcupine, beaver, and muskrat. The observant trail user may also spot coyote, timber wolf, weasel, mink, bobcat or black bear.

Trail uses

Primary uses of the trail include hiking and snowmobiling, and the entire 80 mile corridor is open to these uses. Portions of the trail are also open to horseback riding, mountain biking, class 1 and class 2 all terrain vehicles (ATVs), and off highway motorcycle (OHM) riding. The river may not be passable in summer.

The trail is generally level but is entirely unpaved, and therefore not ideally suited to wheelchair use.

More information about off-highway vehicle use of the trail.


mountain bikingMountain biking



all-terrain vehicleAll-terrain vehicle (class 1 and class 2)

off-highway motorcycleOff-highway motorcycle

Trail events

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Do not leave valuables in your vehicle!

Parking is available at the following trail accesses:

Nemadji State Forest:

  • Gafvert Campground and Day Use Area

St. Croix State Forest:

  • Tamarack Forest Road
  • County Road 173
  • Across the MN/WI border in Danbury, WI

St. Croix State Park:

  • Township Road 277
  • Township Road 1394

Chengwatana State Forest:

  • Chengwatana Road - Redhorse Lot
  • Chengwatana Spur A - Gravel pit lot
  • County Road 118 (snowmobiles only)

Restroom facilities are provided along the trail at the points below. None of these facilities have running water for hand washing, but there is water available at pumps at the Gafvert and Boulder campgrounds, as well as at the Tamarack horse camp.

  • Grace's Lake parking lot in St. Croix State Forest *
  • Boulder Campground in St. Croix State Forest *
  • Tamarack Horse Campground in St. Croix State Forest *
  • Mallard Lake lot in St. Croix State Forest **
  • Net Lake Road in Nemadji State Forest *
  • Gafvert Campground in Nemadji State Forest *
  • Shelter north of the Harlis Road in Nemadji State Forest **
  • Shelter at the Yellow Birch and Gandy Dancer Trail junction in Nemadji State Forest **
  • Trail junction with the Continental Divide Trail **
  • Trail junction with the Kingsdale Trail **

* These are accessible "vault toilets" on a 6'x8' concrete pad. They are not closed in the winter, but they are not plowed or shoveled out.

** These are one-hole "pit toilets," basically a one-hole classic outhouse. Most are not accessible. They are not closed in the winter, but they are not plowed or shoveled out.


In the winter, ATV use is permitted from Harliss Road in the Nemadji State Forest to Co. Rd. 173 in the St. Croix State Forest, and in the Chengwatana State Forest as shown on the map. Note that on the Matthew Lourey State Trail and the Nemadji and St. Croix state forest trails, snowmobiles and ATVs are both allowed to ride the trail in winter! ATVs are only allowed to ride when the air temperature is 30°F or below. This helps us keep trails sustainable and increases safety for everyone, including our trail groomers.

For the safety and enjoyment of all and the protection of our natural resources, please follow all winter trail rules and etiquette:

  • Remember that you may encounter snowmobiles, ATVs and pedestrians on the trail.
  • Approach narrow or winding sections of trail cautiously.
  • Give an audible signal and pass on the left when safe.
  • Stay to the right when others approach.
  • Yield to pedestrians and slower trail users.
  • Be safe! Stop means stop.
  • Watch for traffic at intersections.
  • More about riding motorized trails in winter.
About Matthew Lourey

Photo of helicopter pilot Chief Warrant Officer Matthew Lourey, 41, who flew Kiowa Warrior helicopters with the Army's 82nd Airborne Division.The Matthew Lourey State Trail honors the memory and service of Matthew Lourey, who grew up in Kerrick, Minnesota and graduated from Askov High School in 1982. Matt was an accomplished helicopter pilot and an avid long distance runner.

Matt was killed in action May 26, 2005, when his helicopter was shot down over Iraq. While serving first in the Marines, his career spanned 21 years in the United States military. Matt and his family enjoyed using this trail throughout the years.

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