Winter Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Riding

OHV riders in teh snow


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Winter brings a whole new experience to OHV riding in Minnesota. A number of state and grant-in-aid OHV trails are open year-round, with exciting challenges you'll find only during winter.

Most groomed, signed snowmobile trails are closed to OHVs and highway-licensed vehicles (HLVs) beginning December 1. Please respect private property, and follow all signs.

Winter survival gear is strongly recommended. Use caution when riding in remote areas.

Snowmobiles and ATVs are both allowed to ride shared use trails in winter!

Both snowmobiles and ATVs are allowed to ride the Matthew Lourey State Trail and the Nemadji and St. Croix state forest trails in winter. For the safety and enjoyment of all and the protection of our natural resources, please follow all winter trail rules and etiquette:

  • ATVs are only allowed to ride when the air temperature is 30°F or below. This helps us keep trails sustainable and increases safety for everyone, including our trail groomers.
  • Remember that you may encounter snowmobiles, ATVs and pedestrians on the trail.
  • Approach narrow or winding sections of trail cautiously.
  • Give an audible signal and pass on the left when safe.
  • Stay to the right when others approach.
  • Yield to pedestrians and slower trail users.
  • Be safe! Stop means stop.
  • Watch for traffic at intersections