County atlas status list

A complete county atlas provides information about the geology and groundwater resources of a county, including the groundwater quality, quantity, and sensitivity to pollution. Most atlases are produced in two parts.

Part A - Geologic Atlas

The Minnesota Geological Survey produces the Part A atlas, which includes the geology, geologic layering, sand distribution, bedrock surface, and depth to bedrock for a specific county.

For an in-depth study of Minnesota geology and the County Geologic Atlas Program, see the Geologic Atlas User's Guide: Using Geologic Maps and Databases for Resource Management and Planning (27 pages).

Part B - Groundwater Atlas

After Part A is completed, the DNR produces the Part B atlas, which includes maps and reports identifying the direction of groundwater flow, aquifer properties, groundwater chemistry, and pollution sensitivity of aquifers. Older atlases include the groundwater information in Part A.

For a quick prep for reading the groundwater atlases, see the Groundwater Atlas User Guide (8 pages).

Part B Status

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Atlas status by county

Counties are added to the list as they are begun. Paper copies can be obtained from MGS Map Sales.

County, series #Part A (MGS)
Part B (DNR)
Aitkinin progressfuture start 
Anoka, C-2720132016 
Becker, C-422016in progress 
Benton, C-2320102012 
Blue Earth, C-2620112016 
Brown, C-3720162020 
Carlton, C-1920092011 
Carver, C-2120092014 
Cass, C-432018in progress 
Chisago, C-2220102014 
Clay, C-2920142018 
Crow Wing, C-1620042007 
Dodge, C-502019in progress 
Dakota, C-061990included in Part A 
Dakota updatein progressin progress 
Fillmore, C-0819951996Part C: 1995
Goodhue, C-1219982003 
Hennepin, C-45


(1989 archived C-04)


(C-04 hydrogeology included in Part A)

Houston, C-332014in progress 
Hubbard, C-412018in progress 
Isanti, C-442017in progress 
Kanabec, C-3820162020 
Kandiyohi, C462019in progress 
Lakein progress, preliminary files availablefuture start 
McLeod, C-2020092013 
Meeker, C-3520152019 
Morrison, C-3120142019 
Mower, C-1119982002RI-50: 2000
Nicollet, C-2520112016 
Nobles, C-482020in progress 
Olmsted update, C-49


(1988 archived C-03)

in progress

(C-03 hydrogeology included in Part A)

Penningtonin progressfuture start 
Pine, C-1320012004RI-60: 2002
Pope, C-1520032006 
Ramsey, C-071992included in Part A 
Redwood, C-3620162019 
Renville, C-2820132017 
Rice, C-0919951997 
Rock, C-472020in progress 
St. Louisin progress, preliminary files availablefuture start 

Scott, C-17


(1982 archived C-01)

included in Part A

(C-01 hydrogeology included in Part A)

OFR 08-02: 2008
Sherburne, C-3220132017 
Sibley, C-2420112017  
Stearns, C-1019951998Part C: 1996 included in Part A link
Steele, C-53in progressfuture start 
Todd, C-1820072010 
Wabasha, C-1420012005 RI-59: 2002
Wadena, C-402016in progress 

Washington, C-39


(1990 archived C-05)


(C-05 hydrogeology included in Part A)


Winona, C-34


(1984 archived C-02)


(C-02 hydrogeology included in Part A)

Wright, C-3020132018