Tribal relations at DNR

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The state of Minnesota has a unique relationship with federally recognized Indian Tribes, formed by the Constitution of the United States, treaties, statutes, case law and agreements. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and Tribal governments benefit from working together, learning from one another, and partnering where possible. This relationship improves understanding and decision-making on natural resource matters and other issues, and helps to establish mutually respectful and beneficial relationships.

This relationship is identified in Minnesota Statutes, section 10.65, which the DNR implements by:

Cheyanne St John, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the Lower Sioux Community, and Bob Welsh, Parks and Trails Resource and Asset Manager, sitting by the bust of Chief Sleepy Eye

  1. Consulting and collaborating with Tribal governments.
  2. Implementing policies to guide DNR staff in their interactions with Tribal governments.
  3. Having DNR staff attend tribal-state relations training.
  4. Developing training about native nations and native governance, and related resources for DNR staff.
  5. Tracking issues and topics that arise in communications from Tribal governments to the DNR to identify trends or themes in need of attention.
  6. Reporting on Tribal Relations Work Team activities to DNR leadership.


Laws and treaties

For more information contact:

Bradley Harrington, Director, Tribal Relations
phone: 320-515-0688

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