Whitewater Area Trout Stocking

The staff at Crystal Springs do the local stocking of catchable sized trout in the Whitewater Area Streams.

Questions relating to trout stocking are some of the most frequent questions we are asked. Some anglers believe that if fish were not stocked recently then the fishing will be poor. That is not true! Most of the fish caught in the Whitewater streams are the result of natural reproduction. Due to heavy fishing pressure and variables in weather and water quality, some stocking is still necessary to maintain good angling.

Wild trout management is practiced on streams that have self-sustaining populations of trout. These streams are not stocked at all. Beaver Creek is an example of one of these blue ribbon streams. It is normal for wild trout stream populations to fluctuate from one year to the next.
Re-introduction is when trout are stocked in a stream or tributary which does not have a viable trout population present. The intention is to re-introduce a potentially self-sustaining population such as Brook trout.
Supplemental stocking
of Brook and Brown trout fingerlings is a practice which boosts populations in streams where natural reproduction is not adequate to maintain a good fishable population. These fingerlings come from genetically wild stock. They are economical to raise and grow quickly in the streams.

sized (10" to 12") rainbow trout are scattered lightly in the lower reaches of the North, South and Middle branches of the Whitewater and throughout all 14 miles of the Main Branch Whitewater. Stocking is done before opening day of trout season through Labor Day. They are stocked every other week wherever there is angler access. Contrary to popular belief, these fish do not migrate out to the Mississippi River. They are simply caught more quickly than the other species.


Stocking trout in Foster-Arend Lake (in the city of Rochester)

Foster-Arend lake is a 60 foot deep, 18 acre lake, that provides excellent cold water fishing opportunities for the youth and elderly in Rochester. Since it is managed primarily as a "put and take" fishery for the young and old, the lake is open to fishing year 'round. Because of unpredictable weather conditions during some times of the year, we do not have a set stocking schedule. However, the lake is stocked just prior to any event that would have kids out of school. This would include Easter, Memorial day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, MEA etc. In addition, stocking occurs every 2 weeks or so throughout the year except between June 15th and September 15th, when surface temperatures are to warm. Foster-Arend is stocked with approximately 10,000 catchable  trout each year. Most all of these are Rainbow trout with a few Brook and Brown stocked on occasion.

Note: We do not stock the lake when it is forming new ice or if the existing ice is not thick enough to be safe.

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