Survey & assessment schedule

Each year we are responsible for keeping tabs on what is going on in the lakes, rivers and streams within Todd, Morrison, Benton and Mille Lacs counties. Here's the tentative schedule.

Probable lake survey dates

Thunder +IBIJune 17-21
Horseshoe +IBIJune 24-28
Round (CR)July 1-5
Mill +IBIJuly 15-19
Round NEJuly 22-26
Little Birch -GNJuly 29-Aug. 2
Turtle +IBIAug. 5- Aug. 9
Round (Berg) +IBIAug. 12-16
Latimer- +IBIAug. 19-23
Big Sauk GN,TNAug. 26-30

Walleye index via gill net

  • Shamineau in September

Yellow perch via small mesh gill net

  • Little Birch in September

Lakes surveyed at ice out

  • Cedar (49-140) for northern pike, walleye
  • Fish Trap for northern pike, muskellunge, walleye
  • Little Rock for walleye, black crappie
  • Long (Burtrum) for northern pike

Panfish trapnetted in spring

  • Big Sauk
  • Round (NE)
  • Mill
  • Sullivan
  • Fairy
  • Lady
  • Buck
  • Maple

Spring electrofishing

  • Round (CR) for muskellunge
  • Long (Higgin's) for largemouth bass
  • Fish Trap for largemouth bass
  • Pine for largemouth bass
  • Big for largemouth bass
  • Pine Island for largemouth bass
  • Mound for largemouth bass
  • Fish Trap for juvenile walleye
  • Green Prairie Fish for largemouth bass

Stream assessments

  • Mississippi River - Blanchard to Sartell
  • Little Rock Creek

Fall electrofishing

  • Shamineau for walleye
  • Big Birch for walleye
  • Sullivan for walleye
  • Little Birch for walleye, yellow perch
  • Big Sauk for walleye
  • Alexander for walleye
  • Fish Trap for walleye


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