Ecosystem Education Program

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Division of Ecological Resources
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Phone: 651-259-5100
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The Ecosystem Education Program is a statewide effort to build greater understanding and implementation of an ecosystem-based approach for managing the state's natural resources sustainably. Established in 1995, the program works with natural resource professionals from many agencies, local governments, educators, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and citizens to achieve these goals. Products and activities show how connections among ecological, economic, and social values form a basis for building sustainable communities.

Selected Program Products

Restore Your Shore online web tool
The Restore Your Shore web tool is a powerful multimedia program for shoreland owners and professionals to use in implementing shoreland restoration and protection projects. This popular sequel to the CD ROM of the same name and the book Lakescaping for Wildlife and Water Quality makes landscaping your property with native plants enjoyable and rewarding.


Cover from the 'Living in the Landscape' video. Living in the Landscape: Leaving Boundaries Behind. A national award-winning video that celebrates the diversity of Minnesota's natural and cultural heritage through beautiful imagery and an original musical score. The 27-minute program explores relationships between humans and the landscape over time through personal interviews with leading Minnesotans, including nature photographer Jim Brandenburg and ecologist John Tester. 1999.


Selected Program Activities

Workshops for Adult Learners.

Completed Series:

  • Lakescaping for Wildlife and Water Quality. A series of 14 one-day workshops around the state for shoreland property owners and natural resource managers. Based on the popular book by Carrol Henderson, Carolyn Dindorf, and Fred Rozumalski. Workshops were held between April and October 2000, reaching over 470 participants and involving over 65 interdisciplinary professionals as instructors.
  • Keeping Nature in Your Community: Using Ecosystem-based Processes to Restore Our Communities. A series of seven, two-day workshops designed to provide tools for the creation of healthy and vibrant sustainable communities. Collaboration with DNR Metro Region and Tree Trust. 1997-98
  • Birds and Forests. Five one-day workshops on how to manage Minnesota's forests to favor forest birds. Targeted to natural resource professionals, land managers, and educators and based on Janet C. Green's book: Birds and Forests: A Management and Conservation Guide. Summer 1997.

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