Objective 2: Augment Natural Nesting Habitat with Artificial Nesting Platforms (ANPS)

a metal platform with thin metal rods for a roof is covered in stems mimicking a loons nest. An adult loon is in the foreground sitting on a nest

While we believe the best way to sustain loons in Minnesota is to protect and enhance natural nesting sites, there are some situations where augmenting natural habitat is necessary.

Artificial Nesting Platforms (ANPs) are known to increase loon productivity under certain conditions. However, they don’t ensure nesting success.

When is an ANP appropriate?

  • When water levels fluctuate during nesting season
  • When there is a significant and recurring predation problem
  • Where there are loons present, but there are no or limited opportunities to protect and enhance natural nesting habitat

Will the MN DNR place an ANP on our lake?

No. However, MN DNR  will work with you to evaluate loon nesting habitat and advise on appropriateness of an ANP. See below for additional information, including financial assistance

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