District 12 - Princeton area

Last updated: 2018-03-20

CO Angela Londgren (Cambridge) gave a presentation for a career day at Princeton High School and spent time on patrol vehicle maintenance. Londgren also checked anglers and took complaints about injured animals and ice shelters being unattended overnight.

CO Brandon McGaw (Mora) checked some anglers during the week. Some lakes had a better bite then others. Time was also spent at Camp Ripley assisting with planning of future divisional training and in-service.
CO Mike Krauel (Milaca) spent time following up on a big-game case. Krauel also attended a TIP banquet and met with local outdoor enthusiasts to discuss the various aspects of the TIP program. Krauel would like to say a big thank you to all of the TIP volunteers for their incredible work and dedication!
CO Rick Reller (Buffalo) gave presentations to a snowmobile class at the Hasty-Silver Creek Sportsmen?s Club and a firearms safety class in Hanover. Anglers in the Wright County area were also checked. An injured trumpeter swan was captured and taken to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Enforcement action was taken for leaving a fish house at a public access, angling without a license and angling with extra lines.

CO Tony Musatov (Sauk Rapids) spoke at a youth firearms safety class. Anglers were checked and animal complaints were handled. Musatov also worked ATV complaint areas.

CO Trent Seamans (Big Lake) spent the week checking anglers, patrolling for ATVs, and responding to miscellaneous wildlife complaints. Enforcement action was taken for targeting smallmouth bass during the closed season, allowing a juvenile to operate an ATV without a helmet, and failing to display ATV registration. Seamans would like to remind anglers that the Mississippi River near Monticello is currently closed to smallmouth fishing, which includes targeting smallmouth for catch-and-release.

CO Phil Mohs (Center City) worked on deer cases and followed up on several TIP calls. Enforcement action was taken for operating an ATV on snowmobile trails and trapping violations.