Cause of disease:

Probably caused by a virus

What does it look like?

Cauliflower like tumor on the skin. Tumors range from pea size to several inches, depending on water temperature. Tumors are more prominent at cooler water temperatures (fall and winter) and sometimes regress in northern pike. Tumor may spread to inner organs.



Fish species affected:

Muskies and Northern Pike.

Life cycle:

Believed to be a viral disease that may be transmitted by close physical contact, such as spawning. Transmission of the virus may be possible by physical contact during spawning and other close contacts.

Where is the disease is found?

Where ever muskies and northern pike are present. Quite common in Minnesota.

Is it safe to eat?

Due to a lack of concrete scientific knowledge about the disease, consumption is not advised.

How can I prevent the spread?

There are no known methods of preventing this condition.

Disposal of unused portions:

Dispose of uneaten portions by burying or in household waste. Fish entrails should never be discarded back into the lake.

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