State record fish: Certified weight


11 popular fish species records now open

Applications now are being accepted so new certified weight records can replace the existing non-certified weight records that were established for these fish species prior to 1980.

  • Black crappie
  • Bluegill
  • Brown bullhead
  • Channel catfish
  • Common carp
  • Flathead catfish
  • Lake trout
  • Northern pike
  • Smallmouth bass
  • Walleye
  • Yellow perch

Yellow bass added

Yellow bass are being established as a new record because the species has dramatically increased in both presence and popularity, particularly in south-central Minnesota.

Fish listed below were weighed on a certified scale and an application was submitted and approved. See the rules section to submit an application for a certified weight record.

Use the show entries, search and sort features to locate and list record fish

FishLbs.Oz.InchesGirthPlace caughtCountyCaught
Bass, Largemouth81523½17½Auburn LakeCarver10/3/2005
Bass, RockTie2013½12½Lake OsakisTodd5/10/1998
Bass, RockTie2012½12⅜Lake WinnibigoshishCass8/30/2004
Bass, White482016Vadnais LakeRamsey10/10/2016
Bowfin12931½18Mississippi RiverWabasha9/14/2012
Buffalo, Bigmouth411138⅜29½Pool 4 Mississippi RiverGoodhue5/7/1991
Buffalo, Smallmouth2003223¾Big SandyAitkin9/20/2003
Bullhead, Black31317⅛14⅞Reno LakePope6/8/1997
Bullhead, Yellow31017⅞11¾Lake OsakisTodd8/5/2002
Burbot (Eelpout)19103323⅞Lake of the Woods; near BaudetteLake of the12/19/2016
Carpsucker, Quillback7422⅝18Upper Red LakeBeltrami8/9/2010
Carpsucker, River4621⅝16Minnesota RiverCarver11/19/2012
Cisco (Tullibee)51320¾16¾Sybil LakeOtter Tail3/9/2015
Crappie, White3151816Lake ConstanceWright7/28/2002
Drum, Freshwater (Sheepshead)3533631Mississippi River near WinonaWinona10/5/1999
Gar, Longnose16125316½St. Croix River near PrescottWashington5/4/1982
Gar, Shortnose543111¾Minnesota RiverRenville4/17/2017
Goldeye3520 ⅔13½Minnesota RiverBlue Earth5/3/2020
Hogsucker, Northern3418½9Mississippi River near St. CloudStearns5/3/2023
Mooneye11516½Minnesota RiverRedwood6/18/1980
Muskellunge551457¾29Mille Lacs LakeMille Lacs11/22/2021
Muskellunge, Tiger34125122½Lake ElmoWashington7/7/1999
Redhorse, Golden4822½12¾Otter Tail RiverOtter Tail4/7/2018
Redhorse, Greater121128½18½Sauk RiverStearns5/20/2005
Redhorse, River121028⅜20Kettle RiverPine5/20/2005
Redhorse, Shorthead7152715Rum River near RamseyAnoka8/5/1983
Redhorse, Silver10626¾17½Rainy RiverKoochiching4/28/2018
Salmon, Atlantic121335½16½Baptism RiverLake10/12/1991
Salmon, Chinook - Tie33444¾25¾Poplar RiverCook9/23/1989
Salmon, Chinook - Tie33442¼26⅛Lake SuperiorSt. Louis10/12/1989
Salmon, Coho10142919Lake SuperiorSt. Louis9/4/2023
Salmon, Pink4823½13⅛Cascade RiverCook9/9/1989
Sauger6223⅞15Mississippi River near Red Wing, (L&D No.3)Goodhue5/23/1988
Saugeye,Walleye x Sauger Hybrid9132717¾Mississippi River near Red WingGoodhue3/20/1999
Sturgeon, Lake9447026½Kettle RiverPine9/5/1994
Sturgeon, Shovelnose673313¾Mississippi River near Red WingGoodhue2/19/2012
Sucker, Longnose3102110¼Brule RiverCook5/19/2005
Sucker, White9124¼16¼Big Fish LakeStearns5/1/1983
Sunfish, Green1410¼10⅝North Arbor LakeHennepin6/14/2005
Sunfish, HybridTie11211½12Zumbro RiverOlmsted7/9/1994
Sunfish, HybridTie1121213Green LakeKandiyohi9/18/2022
Sunfish, Pumpkinseed151012⅛Leech LakeCass6/6/1999
Trout, Brook652414½Pigeon RiverCook9/2/2000
Trout, Brown161231⅜20½Lake SuperiorSt. Louis6/23/1989
Trout, Rainbow (Steelhead)1663319½Devil Track RiverCook4/27/1980
Trout, Splake, (Brook x Lake Trout Hybrid)13533½19Larson LakeItasca2/11/2001
Trout, Tiger29209⅝Mill CreekOlmsted8/7/1999
Whitefish, Lake13929½22Lake of the WoodsLake of the Woods4/6/2019
Whitefish, Menominee, (Round)27219Lake SuperiorCook4/27/1987


Download, review, save and print the complete rules and application package before you go fishing.

If you catch a fish that you think could be a record, follow these steps:

  • To ensure your catch qualifies:
    1. For a certified weight record that exists, find and review the listing in the table above for the fish you caught.
    2. For a new record for yellow bass or one of the existing 11 fish species records that have been re-opened, .
      FishMinimum weight
      Black crappie2.5 lbs.
      Bluegill1.5 lbs.
      Brown bullhead3 lbs.
      Channel catfish30 lbs.
      Common Carp30 lbs.
      Flathead catfish58 lbs.
      Lake trout13 lbs.
      Northern pike32 lbs.
      Smallmouth bass7 lbs.
      Walleye14 lbs.
      Yellow bass1 lbs.
      Yellow perch1 lbs.
  • Download the certified weight record fish application.
  • Print it and bring it with you to the weighing so it can be signed by a witness.
  • Have the fish weighed on a state-certified scale, which can be found at most bait and butcher shops.
  • An observer must witness the weighing, sign and date your application in the appropriate area.
  • Take the fish and your application to a DNR area fisheries office for positive identification by fisheries biologists.
  • Complete the application, follow the application's detailed instructions on taking photographs and send all application materials to the address listed on the application.

  • Fish may not be caught using any methods other than angling and may not be snagged.
  • Fish caught from any fish hatchery (private, club or government) are not eligible to be considered for a state record.
  • Fish caught on a body of water without a public access are not eligible to be considered for a state record.
  • Fish must be caught during the legal open season and hours in Minnesota waters, including those boundary waters where a Minnesota fishing license is valid, by a person licensed or otherwise legally entitled to angle in Minnesota.
  • Fish must be weighted on a certfied scale, which is available at most bait and butcher shops.
  • Fish must be brought to an area fisheries office for species identfication/verification. Two DNR fisheries biologists must atest to the correct species identity.
  • The girth of the fish, measured around the thickest portion of the body, is desired but optional.
  • Applications must be submited within 90 days of the date on which the fish was caught.

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