Forestry information and activities

Primer cover

"All About Minnesota's Forests and Trees: A Primer"

Description: This primer provides a wonderful overview on forestry in Minnesota for educators, citizens, naturalists—everyone!

Young Naturalists Articles and Lesson Plans

Description: Kid-friendly Minnesota Conservation Volunteer Young Naturalists stories introduce young readers to Minnesota's natural treasures—from agates to zooplankton. Stories explore the universe underfoot, the northern lights, and everything in between. Teachers guides are available for many stories.

Activity guides

Cover of Arbor Month Teachers guide

A Teachers Guide to Arbor Month

Audience: Grades K–9

Description: This cross–curricular thematic guide is designed to easily integrate learning about trees into the regular K–8 school curriculum. It offers activities in language art, math, music, art, social studies, science, health, and physical education. It is also an ideal enhancement to your environmental education programs and can help you meet Minnesota graduation standards for environmental education.

cover of Discovery guide

Discovery Guide: Forest Activities

Audience: Grades K–9

Description: This resource provides hands-on learning experiences on trees. Simple, fun activities give educators and students alike the chance to use their senses and imagination to explore.

CD Cover of A day in the Forest with Smokey Bear

Smokey Bear: Wildfire Prevention

Audience: K–12

Description: Smokey says, "Only you can prevent wildfires." Visit the Smokey Bear website to find the Smokey Bear teacher's guide, activity book, kids’ poster, and other resources.

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