DNR Forestry offers a variety of educational posters. Most include photocopy–ready 8.5" x 11" information panels on the back for classroom use. To request a free poster, email [email protected] or call 888–MINN–DNR or 651–296–6157.

benefits tree poster

We All Need Trees

Audience: All

Description: Trees in forested and urban landscapes provide environmental, economic, and social benefits. The icons on this poster represent just a few of these benefits. Learn about these tree benefits.

Size: 18" x 24"

benefits tree poster

Get Your Daily Dose of Trees

Audience: All

Description: This poster highlights the mental and physical health benefits of trees. For example, did you know childhood asthma rates are lower in urban neighborhoods that have more trees? Or, exposure to forests decreases mental fatigue by relaxing and restoring the brain? It's true. Learn more about why you should get your daily dose of tees to be healthy.

Size: 13" x 19"

trees natures playground poster

Trees—Nature's Playground

Audience: All

Description: This poster inspires nature play in forested area or with a tree.

Size: 21.6" x 27"

plant tress poster

Plant Trees for a Brighter Minnesota

Audience: All

Description: This brightly colored poster will inspire Minnesotans of all ages to plant trees for a better future.

Size: 22" x 17"

From small seeds, grow big dreams poster

From Small Seeds, Grow BIG Dreams

Audience: Grades 6–12

Description: This brightly colored poster illustrates that all plants, big or small, start from seed. The back of the poster is divided into sections to tell the story of a seed from formation to germination and provide other information.

Size: 12.5" x 24"

Minnesota Biomes poster

Minnesota Biomes

Audience: Grades 5–12
Description: This poster focuses on the classification of Minnesota's ecosystems. The back of the poster is divided into panels containing information on each on Minnesota's four biomes (coniferous forest, deciduous forest, prairie grassland, and tallgrass aspen parkland) as well as other information.

Size: 20" x 30"

Trees for all seasons poster

Trees for All Seasons

Audience: Grades 5–12

Description: This poster highlights trees through all seasons in Minnesota. The front depicts a forest in all four seasons. The back is divided into photocopy-ready panels with information about tree growth and changes in each of the seasons, along with information on native trees and tree care.

Size: 20" x 30"

Minnesota Forest treasures poster

Minnesota Forest Treasures

Audience: All

Description: This poster features 35 of Minnesota's 52 native tree species. The front illustrates the leaf and seed as well as the tree form. Educators can photocopy the eight panels on the back of the poster for classroom handouts and background information.

Size: 30" x 20"

Minnesota State Symbols poster

Minnesota's State Symbols

Audience: All

Description: This poster highlights some of Minnesota's natural resources–based symbols, their history, and their significance. Symbols include red pine (state tree), agate (state mineral), loon (state bird), and monarch butterfly (state insect).

Size: 30" x 20"

Smokey Bear nature posters

Smokey Bear

Audience: Grades K–6

Description: A series of 15 posters from the USDA Forest Service Smokey Bear program helps students with basic plant and animal identification while building an appreciation for the natural world.

Size: 30" x 20"