Forest management section

DNR Forestry manages 4.5 million acres of land, nearly 4 million of which is forested and includes 59 state forests. These state forests are an integral part of larger natural systems that sustain and vitalize Minnesota's environment, economy, and communities. Managing this diverse resource is not one job, but many.

Forest Development, Health, and Use Unit

This unit works on improving the quality and efficiency of timber management and forest regeneration on state lands. It is also responsible for the planning, construction, and maintenance of more than 2,000 miles of state forest roads. Concerned about forest health, this unit includes a forest pest management program that provides guidelines and management options for preventing, mitigating, or controlling diseases and pests on public and private forest lands.

Resource Assessment and Inventory Unit

Dennis Kepler, Supervisor

This unit develops and maintains statewide forest inventory systems that have computerized databases and programs to display inventory information in a variety of tabular and graphic formats. It also takes aerial photographs of the state's forested counties on an eight-year rotation basis that are available for sale to the general public. A statewide base of satellite imagery to help determine land use is also maintained.

Timber Sales Unit

Jon Drimel, Supervisor

This unit administers timber sales carried out by DNR foresters on state lands. Staff duties include determining the amount of timber that can be sustainably harvested on state lands each year, selecting sites to be harvested, estimating the amount of timber on a sale site, and offering the timber for sale at public auction. Program foresters are then responsible for supervising sales to assure compliance with contract and environmental regulations.

Timber Sales information and assistance on private lands.

Utilization and Marketing Unit

Scott Burns, Coordinator

This unit works on increasing the use of Minnesota's wood resources, the economic benefits derived from the industrial use of wood, and the wood-using efficiency of Minnesota's forest products industry. Staff duties include identifying and promoting wood-related industrial development opportunities, promoting commercial wood energy, increasing the flow of market information, and providing wood product manufacturers with processing improvement assistance.

Cooperative Forest Management Unit

Gary Michael, Supervisor

This unit assists nonindustrial private landowners with tree planting, timber stand improvement, harvesting, and preparing management plans. It also provides Minnesota communities with technical advice and assistance in urban forest management. Unit responsibilities include administering two state forest nurseries that annually produce 10 million native tree and shrub seedlings for sale to Minnesota landowners.

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