Harvest permits on state lands

DNR forester and landowner walking in landowner's woodlands

You do not need a permit to collect small amounts of berries, mushrooms, or cones from a State Forest for personal use. You also do not need a permit to collect dead fuelwood for fires while in a State Forest.

However, you must obtain a permit from a DNR Forestry office to:

  • Cut or remove any trees or plants for any reason. (birch bark, birch sticks, trees and shrubs)
  • Remove wood from state land boundaries.
  • Harvest Christmas trees, decorative tops, or boughs.
  • Collect a large amount of berries, mushrooms, or dead fuelwood for personal use or for sale.
  • Tap trees for maple syrup for personal use or for sale.

Read more about the license and permit requirements for harvesting decorative forest products.

DNR Forestry offices may issue permits for harvesting items in State Forests and on other DNR Forestry- or Wildlife-managed land, including:

  • Wildlife Management Areas
  • Consolidated county lands
  • Forestry-acquired lands
  • Trust fund lands

Permits must be obtained from the DNR Forestry office closest to the State Forest or DNR Forestry- or Wildlife-managed land on which you wish to collect items.

If you wish to harvest materials or specimens from a State Forest for scientific research purposes, please submit a research application so that we may direct you to the appropriate permits for your work.

For more information, contact your local DNR Forestry office.