Aspen Parklands

Aspen Parklands mapThe 10-year Subsection Forest Resources Management Plan (SFRMP) for the Aspen Parklands Ecological Subsection was finalized in 2011. The Aspen Parklands Subsection covers approximately 2.9 million acres in an area from near Gully to Roseau and from Lancaster to Crookston. The state owns 12 percent of the land (355,000 acres) in the subsection. The federal government owns 4 percent. Approximately 95,000 acres of DNR land is forest and woodlands that are part of the forest management plan. About 250,000 acres are nonforested, but are also included in this plan. Another 9,000 acres of state lands include state parks and scientific and natural areas (SNAs) which are not considered for resource management under this plan but do contribute to some of the plan's goals

In the Aspen Parkland Subsection, 1,951 stands were identified for the 10-year stand exam list to move them toward the long-term desired future forest composition (DFFC) identified in the plan. Preliminary prescriptions were assigned when each stand was selected. Final management objectives and final prescriptions will be determined as each stand is field visited.
All stands contained on the stand exam list can be found in Appendix N or in Aspen Parkland SFRMP Map Interface.


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