Forest Management Planning Sections

DNR is in the process of updating its forest management plans. When the update process is complete, there will be one plan for each of the seven forested ecological sections in the state. These plans will cover larger areas of the state than the previous planning system, which divided the state’s forested areas into 10 smaller geographic units.

Planning Unit Boundary Changes

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Original SFRMP boundaries

Original boundaries

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Revised SFRMP Boundaries (outlined in red) compared to former SFRMP Boundaries (colored areas). DNR Administrative Regions are outlined in blue.

Revised boundaries (outlined in red)

Forest Management Plans Timelines


New forest management plan areas

Old forest management plan areas

Date range covered, old plan

Expected completion of updated plan

Lake Agassiz, Aspen Parklands

Aspen Parklands


Start plan revision 2021

Northern Minnesota and Ontario Peatlands

Agassiz Lowlands

FY2001-2010 extended through 2019

Projected completion 2019

North 4 (part)


Northern Superior Uplands

Border Lakes

FY2005-FY2014, extended through 2019

Projected completion 2019

North Shore Area

FY2005–FY2014, extended through FY2019

North 4 (part)


Northern Minnesota Drift and Lake Plains

Chippewa Plains-Pine Moraines & Outwash Plains

FY2009-FY2018, extended through 2019

Start plan revision 2020

North 4 (part)


Western Superior Uplands

Mille Lacs Uplands

FY2005–FY2014, extended through 2019

Start plan revision 2020

Minnesota and Northeast Iowa Moraines

Hardwood Hills


Start plan revision 2022

Anoka Sand Plain


Paleozoic Plateau

Blufflands-Rochester Plateau


Revised FY2015-2024