Northern Minnesota & Ontario Peatlands Section Forest Resource Management Plan

Northern Minnesota & Ontario Peatlands Section Forest Resource ManagementForest management planning for the Northern Minnesota & Ontario Peatlands Section Forest Resource Management Plan (NMOP SFRMP) has been put on hold. Planning will resume after the statewide sustainable timber harvest analysis from DNR-administered timberlands has been completed.

  1. Introduction & Background on the new SFRMP planning process
  2. Alternative Harvest Scenarios
    1. NMOP modeling webinar- 42.37 min.
    2. NMOP modeling PowerPoint slides with notes
    3. NMOP webinar online survey- Closed Nov 23, 2015
    4. NMOP SFRMP modeling  Note: An additional sensitivity analysis document is also available upon request
  3. Review of the Draft NMOP SFRMP (not yet available)


Planning Team and Process


The NMOP SFRMP will identify management of forest vegetation for two areas in northern Minnesota: the Agassiz Lowlands and the Littlefork-Vermilion Uplands. These two areas extend across northern Minnesota and include all or parts of the following counties: Roseau, Lake of the Woods, Koochiching, St. Louis, Itasca, Beltrami, and Clearwater. The largest blocks of DNR land within these areas are the Beltrami Island State Forest, Koochiching State Forest, Red Lake State Forest, Pine Island State Forest, and the Kabetogama State Forest. The larger wildlife management areas included in this plan include: Red Lake WMA, Wapiti WMA, and the Moose River.

The NMOP SFRMP will comprise of two documents: the Preliminary Issues and Assessment and the NMOP SFRMP Plan.

The Preliminary Issues and Assessment document identified the types of issues to be addressed in the NMOP SFRMP and provide background information on the planning area's dominant canopy trees, land ownership and administration, wildlife species, and ecological resources.
NMOP SFRMP plan follows the Preliminary Issues and Assessment document. The SFRMP planning team is comprised of DNR staff with significant expertise and responsibilities in forest, wildlife, and ecological resource management. The team's focus will be to gather updated information describing the forest resources and to identify issues, which will be addressed during the planning process. Outcomes of the NMOP SFRMP will balance the interests of ecological concerns, wildlife habitat and forest harvesting that result in a sustainable 10 year harvest plan for the NMOP ecologic section.  The draft NMOP SFRMP is scheduled to be completed late 2018.


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Doug Tillma, DNR Forest Resource Planner
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