Northern Superior Uplands Section

Northern Superior Uplands Section Forest Resource Managment PlanForest management planning for the Northern Superior Uplands Section Forest Resource Management Plan (NSU SFRMP) has been put on hold. Planning will resume after the statewide sustainable timber harvest analysis from DNR-administered timberlands has been completed.

Completed Preliminary Issues and Assessment

Individual chapters

  1. Introduction
  2. Land Use and Land Cover
  3. Land Ownership and Administration
  4. Forest Composition and Structure
  5. Forest Products Harvest
  6. Ecological Information
  7. Forest Health
  8. Wildlife Species and Trends
  9. Appendices

You may view three webinars concerning the NSU SFRMP planning process:

  1. Introduction and Background on the SFRMP planning process
  2. Alternative Harvest Scenarios
    1. NSU modeling webinar - 47.00 min.
    2. NSU modeling PowerPoint slides with notes
    3. NSU webinar online survey - Closed
    4. NSU SFRMP modeling  Note: An additional sensitivity analysis document is also available upon request
  3. Review of the Draft NSU SFRMP (not yet available)

Planning Team and Process

The NSU SFRMP will identify management of forest vegetation for state-administered land in five landscape subsections in northern Minnesota. The plan specifically addresses lands administered by the DNR divisions of Forestry, Trails and Waterways, and Fish and Wildlife–Wildlife Section; for this plan Fisheries Section land in Cook County is also included. The five subsections are: Border Lakes, Laurentian Uplands, Nashwauk Uplands, North Shore Highlands, and Toimi Uplands. These five units include much of the area from Lake Superior in the east to Grand Rapids in the west, and from Cromwell in the south to International Falls in the north. Two phases comprise the NSU SFRMP process: the Preliminary Issues and Assessment, and the Northern Superior Uplands Section Forest Resources Management Plan.

The Preliminary Issues and Assessment document identifies the types of issues to be addressed in the NSU SFRMP and provides background information on the planning area's dominant canopy trees, land ownership and administration, forest health status, wildlife species, and ecological resources.

The Northern Superior Uplands Section Forest Resources Management Plan will be finalized using public input and team analysis of the data presented in the Preliminary Issues and Assessment document. Minnesota DNR personnel with expertise and responsibilities in forestry, wildlife, and ecological resources comprise the planning team. The team's focus will be to gather updated information describing forest resources and to identify issues to be addressed during the planning process. Outcomes of the NSU SFRMP will include adjustments to, or confirmation of, long-term desired future forest composition for DNR lands in these subsections; and identification of forest stands to receive management over the upcoming 10-year plan implementation period. The draft NSU SFRMP is scheduled to be completed in late 2018.


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