Northern Superior Uplands Section

Northern Superior Uplands Section Forest Resource Managment Plan

Forest management planning for the Northern Superior Uplands Section Forest Resource Management Plan (NSU SFRMP) is currently in progress. Going forward, the NSU SFRMP will guide state forest management activities in the Section as the 10-year stand exam list is implemented.

Northern Superior Uplands Section and Plan Information

The Northern Superior Uplands Section is comprised of five subsections: Border Lakes, Laurentian Uplands, Nashwauk Uplands, North Shore Highlands, and Toimi Uplands. These five units include much of the area from Lake Superior in the east to Grand Rapids in the west, and from Cromwell in the south to International Falls in the north.

The NSU SFRMP's preliminary assessment (completed in 2015) provides background information on the planning area's dominant canopy trees, land ownership and administration, forest health status, wildlife species, and ecological resources. Note that this document was developed before the DNR's sustainable timber harvest analysis, when 10-year stand exam lists were developed through the SFRMP process. Now that the sustainable timber harvest decisions and 10-year stand exam list are determined outside of the SFRMP process, some information related to the planning process in this document may not be up-to-date.

The Northern Superior Uplands Section Forest Resources Management Plan will be finalized using public and interdisciplinary internal input.

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