A-Z listing of Minnesota horse trails

Horse trails are generally open May 1 to November 1, depending on weather conditions. Riders must carry a current Horse Pass.


Trail Location
ElectricPull-throughPicket lines
Afton State Park5     
Beltrami Island State Forest 27Bemis Hill4   
Brown's Creek State Trail2     
C.J. Ramstad/North Shore State Trail75     
Camden State Park1012  
Casey Jones State Trail9.5     
David Dill/Arrowhead State Trail69     
Douglas State Trail12.5     
Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park175523 
Fort Ridgely State Park13.31413 
Gateway State Trail10     
George Washington State Forest30Stony Brook17 
George Washington State Forest19Togo12 
Glacial Lakes State Park118  
Glacial Lakes State Trail10     
Goodhue Pioneer State Trail4     
Heartland State Trail30     
Huntersville State Forest24Shell City27  
Jay Cooke State Park6     
Lake Bronson State Park8     
Lake Carlos State Park964 
Lake Louise State Park106   
Luce Line State Trail30     
Maplewood State Park2024  
Matthew Lourey State Trail80     
Mille Lacs Kathio State Park2710  
Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area306   
Old Mill State Park1     
Pillsbury State Forest27Walter E. Stark25  
R. J. Dorer State Forest - Bronk Unit Plowline Trail6.5     
R. J. Dorer State Forest - Hay Creek15     
R. J. Dorer State Forest - Kruger5     
R. J. Dorer State Forest - Money Creek / Vinegar Ridge68   
R. J. Dorer State Forest - Oak Ridge / Wet Bark115  
R. J. Dorer State Forest - Reno176  
R. J. Dorer State Forest - Snake Creek13.5     
R. J. Dorer State Forest - Trout Valley9     
R. J. Dorer State Forest - Zumbro Bottoms Central4416  
R. J. Dorer State Forest - Zumbro Bottoms North446   
R. J. Dorer State Forest - Zumbro Bottoms West4450  
Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail6     
Sand Dunes State Forest17Bob Dunn15 
Sibley State Park79  
St. Croix State Forest25Tamarack River55 
St. Croix State Park754019
Taconite State Trail160     
Wild River State Park182015 
Zippel Bay State Park2     

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