Amur silver grass (Miscanthus sacchariflorus)





Appearance: Perennial warm season grass, 6 -8' tall, very showy and vigorous, forms dense mats.

Leaf blade: Arching, with distinct whitish midrib, less than 1" wide.

Flowers: Silky plume-like, in the fall; resemble corn tassels but are more dense and arch to one side of the stalk.

Roots: Reproduces vegetatively through horizontal stems growing below the soil surface, called rhizomes, forming roots and producing new plants, eventually forming a dense mat.

Ecological Threat:

  • It invades disturbed sunny to semi-shaded environments, such as road sides, woodland borders, and clearings.
  • Although not a severe threat at this time it forms single species stands. It should be monitored and eliminated in the open landscape.
  • Silver banner grass is native to eastern Asia and is a popular ornamental grass. It is found primarily in the eastern U.S., but is spreading in Minnesota.


Control Methods:


  • Digging entire roots, resprouts from root pieces


  • Cutting and spot treatment with glyphosate, continued periodically until flowering


Native Substitutes:

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