HIP (Harvest Information Program)

Minnesotans who hunts migratory birds--not just ducks and geese, but woodcock, snipe, rails and mourning doves too--are reminded they must become "HIP"-certified when they purchase a small game or sports license.

"HIP" stands for Harvest Information Program, an annual program in which hunters provide information that helps biologists manage North America's incredible migratory gamebird populations.

To comply with "HIP", hunters must identify themselves as migratory bird hunters and answer several questions about their hunting experience during last year's season. The license agent will input this information as part of the purchase of a small game or sports license.

Migratory bird hunters need to make sure that their license agents get them signed up for "HIP" when they purchase their small game or sports licenses. When a hunter is properly signed up, the license will have the words "HIP Certification" listed on the customer's small game or sports license.

Hunters must carry proof of their participation in "HIP" wherever they hunt migratory birds. Hunters who hunt migratory birds without proof of participation in the "HIP" program can be ticketed or fined.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will use names and addresses provided by hunters for survey purposes only, and all contact information will be destroyed immediately after processing each year.

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