Killing and trapping of problem bears

Sometimes a bear causing problems must be killed. This method should be used only after exhausting all other options. A person may kill a bear to protect their property; however this option should be used only if the bear is causing immediate danger or significant property damage. A bear may also be killed by local law enforcement officers or a Conservation Officer if it is determined a public safety issue. Bears are the property of the State of Minnesota. The killing of a problem bear must be reported to a Conservation Officer within 48 hours. When feasible bears killed will be salvaged

In some rare situations, trapping and/or chemical immobilization by trained people may be used to remove a bear from an urban area. Trapping or chemical immobilization should be used mainly as a means for killing the bear (e.g. in situations where it is unsafe to discharge a firearm). The DNR does not relocate problem bears to another location. Relocated bears seldom remain where they are released. They may return to where they were caught or become a problem somewhere else. Bears will not be trapped for causing minor property damage, such as tearing down bird feeders or tipping over garbage cans. Trapping bears does not resolve the fundamental problem, which is an abundant food source provided by humans. Research and experience has shown that removing the food that attracts bears resolves bear problems much more effectively than attempting to trap and relocate the bear.