Forest habitat

ExamplesForest habitat.

  • Protect: Maintain large, intact forest patches through conservation easements or acquisition
  • Restore: Planting trees or sow seeds in a barren land devoid of any trees to create a forest.
  • Enhance: Improve habitats with methods such as control of invasive species, wildlife openings, thinning, planting and harvest.

Landowner assistance

  • DNR Forest Stewardship: A network of DNR, public, and private foresters to help meet your woodland goals through information and advice, cost-share programs, and Woodland Stewardship Plans.
  • DNR Forest Legacy: A conservation program that encourages protection of privately owned forest lands through conservation easements or land purchases to keep forests as forests.
  • Minnesota Forest Association: A private, membership-based organization that works on behalf of family forest owners through education and advocacy to promote stewardship and woodlands. Check out the Boots on Your Ground and Call Before You Cut programs.
  • American Bird Conservancy: A conservation organization with a mission to conserve native birds and their habitats throughout the Americas. Two foresters are available in focus areas to implement golden-winged warbler projects.
  • Natural Resource Conservation Service: With a mission of "helping people help the land," the agency provides services that enable people to be good stewards of soil, water and related natural resources.
  • Soil and Water Conservation Districts: Local units of government that manage and direct natural resource management programs at the local, often county level, and work with landowners. Some Districts have local foresters.
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Partners for Fish & Wildlife: A federal program that focuses on assisting landowners with wetland, prairie, and stream restoration projects. Expert technical assistance and cost-share incentives are provided through voluntary agreements.


A ruffed grouse drums while sitting on a log in the woods. Photo by Blane Klemek.

A ruffed grouse drums while sitting on a log in the woods. Photo by Blane Klemek


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