Prairie habitat

Prairie habitat.In open, prairie landscapes, restoration and maintenance of native grasses and forbs for grassland songbirds, prairie chickens, waterfowl and small mammals are appropriate. Tree plantations that fragment open landscapes are discouraged.


  • Protect: Maintain habitat through conservation easements on private land or acquisition.
  • Restore: Grassland and wetland reconstruction:
    • Seeding of native grasses and wildflowers to restore prairie vegetation
    • Restoration of drained wetland to provide breeding pair and brood rearing habitat for waterfowl
  • Enhance: Improve habitats with methods such as prescribed burning, conservation grazing/haying, and control of invasive species:
    • Growth of cover crops in agricultural fields to build soil and provide added food and cover for wildlife
    • Installation of fence and water systems to facilitate rotational grazing and increase nesting cover
    • Prescribed burning to remove thatch, rejuvenate grasses and wildflowers, and set back woody plants
    • Removal of trees that fragment open habitats and provide predator perches and travel lanes

Landowner assistance


A male prairie chicken booms during mating season.

A male prairie chicken booms during mating season.


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