Parkland & brushland habitat

Shrubland habitat.In semi-open, brushland landscapes, restoration and maintenance with prescribed burning, mowing or shearing is appropriate to sustain habitat for wildlife such as sharp-tailed grouse, loggerhead shrikes and elk. Planting trees or lack of management that allows forest to grow is discouraged.


  • Protect: Maintain habitat through conservation easements on private land or acquisition.
  • Restore: Savanna and bog restoration and enhancement.
  • Enhance: Improve habitats with methods such as prescribed burning, mowing or shearing, timber harvest andinvasive species control.

Landowner assistance


Male sharp-tailed grouse dancing during mating season. Photo by Chuck Kartak.

Sharp-tailed grouse are a charismatic inhabitant and key indicator of healthy, expansive brushland habitats in Minnesota. Photo by Chuck Kartak.


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