Tiger Salamander

(Ambystoma tigrinum)

The common tiger salamander is black with yellow markings that are highly variable in size and shape. The belly of the tiger salamander is greenish-brown. Adults dwell in burrows underground, surfacing to feed during the night or to move to or from breeding sites during rainy nights in early spring. Tiger salamanders are fairly common throughout much of Minnesota, occupying a variety of habitats.

Tiger salamanders resemble spotted salamanders, a species recently documented in Minnesota. If you think you've seen spotted salamanders please e-mail Carol Hall with information about the date and location of your observation. Please look closely to distinguish between the two species. Use this ID sheet to help. When possible, please include a digital image of the salamander with both dorsal (top) and ventral (bottom) views.

Spotted Salamander bottom view.

Tiger Salamander bottom view.

Ventral (bottom) views of Spotted Salamander (left) and Tiger Salamander (right).

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