Implementing Your Project

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The Guiding Principle we adopted for our restoration project influences which approach we select. Whether it is Protect, Prevent Disturbances, or Plant Native Species, the process and the outcome will be to restore and preserve water quality and natural habitat.

PROTECT is a good choice when you have a healthy shoreline sustained by an existing buffer zone. You want to understand how it functions and preserve and protect it.

PREVENT DISTURBANCES means you don't want to introduce elements that will upset the natural balance in the shoreline ecosystem. For example, stop removing wildflowers and aquatic plants, reduce your lawn area, and give the shoreline an opportunity to regenerate.

Finally, PLANT NATIVE SPECIES calls for removing non-native invasive plants and replacing them with native plants. We've provided some additional information for you on these options because it is important to understand what is involved and what approach is the best solution for your situation.

Site Assessment Worksheet - This is where your hard work on the Site Assessment begins to pay off. The Worksheet will help you determine if PROTECT is appropriate or if more aggressive responses are required.


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Wonder how you shore is currently doing? Find out with Score Your Shore, a tool for landowners to evaluate the conditions of habitat on their lake lots.

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