Sample Interview Questions

The following questions will help you determine if a landscape professional is qualified and experienced:

  1. Have you designed shoreline landscapes before?
  2. Can you provide three references from shoreline projects that you've completed?
  3. May I visit them? If possible, visit their reference sites and talk to the owners to determine if:
    1. the projects were successfully established on time and within budget
    2. the property owners' needs were met
    3. design features incorporated a native buffer to protect water quality and provide habitat for native fish and wildlife.
  4. Where did you learn to design and install native plants?
  5. What is your educational background in landscape design or native restoration work? Good consultants usually have some formal training combined with field experience.
  6. Where do you obtain your native plants and/or seeds? A native landscape restorationist should patronize local native plant nurseries and use local origin stock. Local nurseries may be able to refer you to reputable designers and restorationists.

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