Explore Minnesota: One Stamp at a Time!

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Join the Minnesota State Parks Passport Club today and unlock a world of exploration and discovery!

Ready to embark on a new journey? With each stamp in your passport, you'll uncover hidden gems, scenic vistas, and unforgettable adventures that await around every corner. Collect stamps, earn rewards, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore the beauty of Minnesota like never before!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore the beauty of Minnesota like never before!

Getting started

Hiking Club booklet

To join the Passport Club, simply grab your club book for $14.95 plus tax at any state park Nature Store or conveniently order online. Once you receive your book, make sure you fill out the name and contact information section in the booklet. Occasionally we find a lost booklet with no contact information. Don’t lose all your progress—fill out your booklet!


Your booklet will have a physical card to register for the Hiking Club in it. You can send the card in or register online

How it works

As you visit state parks and recreation areas across Minnesota, stop by the entrance/ranger station or kiosk and look for a stamp and ink pad. Date and stamp the matching page in your passport booklet. 

There are 73 total possible stamps. Four stamps at Minnesota state recreation areas are optional. The optional stamps are Garden Island, Greenleaf Lake, Iron Range OHV, and St. Croix Island state recreation areas. Your booklet will still be considered complete even if you don't get any one or all of these four specific stamps. 

As of 2024, Upper Sioux Agency and Hill Annex Mine state park stamps are no longer available or needed to complete your passport.

Stamp locations

At most state parks, stamps can be found at the entrance station or kiosk. If you are having trouble finding a stamp, call the park office. Below are the exceptions to this rule:

  • Garden Island State Recreation Area stamp is at Zippel Bay State Park.
  • Greenleaf Lake State Recreation Area stamp is in the parking area information kiosk at the Minnesota DNR area office: 20596 Highway 7, Hutchinson, MN 55350.
  • La Salle Lake State Recreation Area stamp is at Itasca State Park.
  • St. Croix Islands State Recreation Area stamp is at William O'Brien State Park.
  • John A. Latsch State Park stamp is at Whitewater State Park.
  • Lake Vermilion-Soudan Underground Mine State Park has a stamp in each unit.
    • Soudan Underground Mine has stamps at the front gate, inside and outside the office and at the counter.
    • Lake Vermilion has stamps at the registration kiosk and in the campground registration area.
  • Upper Sioux Agency and Hill Annex Mine state parks both closed in 2024. You do not need to get stamps from these parks to complete your club.

Forgotten booklets

Visiting a park but forgot your booklet to stamp? If you are still at the park, you can stamp any piece of paper and glue it into your Passport Club booklet later. You do not need to have your booklet with you to stamp a piece of paper. If you do not collect a stamp at the time of your visit, you will need to return to the park.

Missing stamps

If you visit a state park or recreation area and the stamp is missing from the kiosk, please call or visit the state park office. If the office is not open during your visit, take a photo of the kiosk clearly showing the location. Send the photo to [email protected] with the park, day, and time.


Free Night of Camping Certificate and Pin

25 stamps earns you a pin and a free night of camping. All stamps earns you a plaque and another free night of camping.

When you acquire 25 stamps and all stamps, you qualify for a free night of camping certificate—totaling two nights. When you get all stamps we will mail your second free night of camping certificate out to you with your plaque. To get your 25 stamps certificate, visit an open state park office. Explain to the staff person that you are a member of the Passport Club, you have 25 stamps, and would like to claim your free night of camping certificate and pin. Don’t be disappointed by a closed office—double check office hours before your visit on the park website! Especially in the winter, some park office hours can be reduced or only at request.

Your free night of camping certificate will be a paper certificate and will only be good for one year. The certificate must be redeemed in-person—it cannot be used when booking your reservation online. We will need the paper certificate to redeem the free night, so don’t forget to pack it with you!

Not a tent camper? The certificate’s value can be applied toward a different lodging type (camper cabin, lodge, etc.). The value of the certificate is equal to one night of non-electric camping at the specific park you are staying at. View the value of a non-electric camp site at each state park.


Once you’ve collected all stamps, you can submit your Completion Form to order your plaque! You will mail your completed form and your booklet to us. Read and follow the instructions on the form. We will mail the plaque, second free night of camping certificate, and your booklet back to you.

We place bulk plaque orders at the end of odd numbered months (Jan., March, etc.) to our vendor. Depending on when we receive your form, it is possible you may not receive your plaque, certificate and booklet back for over three months. You will get a confirmation email saying we received your booklet and form—after which we will not provide updates. Thank you for your patience!

Before you explore

Visit the park website

It is strongly encouraged that you visit the state park or recreation area’s webpage before you head out to a park. Once you are on the state park or recreation area’s webpage:

  1. Check for visitor alerts: park staff frequently update the website to include alerts about trail conditions, events, and closures due to flooding, emergencies, hunting, and more.  
  2. Seasonal updates: on each park’s website there is a ‘seasonal updates’ section on the menu. Most parks do not have full staffing through the winter months, this can sometimes mean there will be limited or no snowplowing at a park. Unless you want to snowshoe to the kiosk, check the updates section before you leave!

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