State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan

Minnesota's State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan, 2020 - 2024

The 2020-2024 State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) is Minnesota’s outdoor recreation policy plan. It gives outdoor recreation decision-makers and managers a focused set of priorities and suggested actions to guide them as they make decisions about outdoor recreation.

The National Park Service requires this plan to maintain eligibility to participate in the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (also known as the LAWCON or LWCF) program.


Download the full report: State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (3 MB)

SCORP strategic directions:

  • Connect people to the outdoors by providing a welcoming environment, improving access and affordability, increasing marketing efforts, expanding programming, creating partnerships and providing a quality experience.
  • Acquire land and create opportunities by placing a priority for acquisition and development in densely settled, rapidly growing areas and regional centers. Acquire private in-holdings in existing parks, exceptional one-time opportunities, high quality natural resources, trail connections and protect water resources. Develop facilities that meet differing outdoor recreation needs for all abilities, that are open and flexible to accommodate new and emerging nature-based recreation uses and construct sustainable and resilient infrastructure to provide high quality and compatible recreational opportunities.
  • Take care of what we have with regular reinvestment to ensure safe, high-quality experiences for current and future users.
  • Coordinate among partners by creating integrated and accessible information and enhancing coordination across jurisdictional boundaries, funding resources, and among agencies, organizations and nonprofits.


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