Fish transportation rules

Fish transportation language updated in 2008 Fishing Regulations booklet

The 2008 Minnesota Fishing Regulations booklet was recently updated to clarify language on fish transportation rules. The updates were made to pages 9 and 10 of the booklet. The original language in the booklet was unclear, especially regarding transportation rules for walleye and northern pike.

Many fish species have statewide length limits, including northern pike and walleye. Also, many waters have special or experimental length limits that apply. Fish taken from these waters must be transported with head and tail intact so the fish can be measured.

An exception to this rule is made for transportation of northern pike and walleye, which may be dressed or filleted for transportation from waters with length limits.

Anglers should note that the aforementioned transportation rules apply once you have left the waterbody, or are no longer fishing waters with size restrictions. While on, or while fishing waters with size restrictions, for which the size restriction applies, fish must have their heads, tails, fins, and skin intact and be measurable. A person may prepare and use the fish for a meal while docked or moored to shore, or while on the ice. Fish prepared and used for a meal still count towards the daily possession limit.

Also, the language in the regulations booklet that noted a requirement to include waterbody where taken, and total length of each fish with a size limit on packages of fish, was intended for licensed fish packers only. This language was moved to a different section in the booklet.

The updates have been incorporated to the web version of the 2008 Minnesota Fishing Regulations booklet. To view a complete list of fish transportation rules, including the updates, visit this page:


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