Pitt Grade Trout Survey

On July 1, 2009, personnel from the Minnesota Department of Natural (DNR) resources in Baudette completed a survey of the trout population in the Pitt Grade trout stream. Electrofishing gear was used to sample fish in the stream. 

Based on the catch of fish in the sample, fisheries personnel estimated that there were between 800 and 1,100 trout in the four miles of stream that is managed for trout. “The biggest fish we sampled was a fat rainbow trout that was over twelve inches long,” explained Fisheries Specialist Nate Hodgins. “The brown trout were also in very good condition.”

The Pitt Grade is located along the Pitt Grade forest road, which begins approximately five miles south of Pitt. The high water that was present when fish were stocked in mid-May has receded, and fishing conditions are excellent.

Anglers need a trout stamp validation and a Minnesota fishing license to fish for trout in designated trout streams, such as the Pitt Grade. Trout stamps are not needed for children less than 16 years old or resident adults who are 65 and older.

A map of the Pitt Grade Trout Stream can be found here:

Pitt Grade Trout Stream Map

 Rainbow Trout from Pitt Grade
Photo: Rainbow trout from Pitt Grade

 Sampling fish with backpack electrofisher
Photo: Sampling fish with backpack electrofisher


For more information on the Pitt Grade Trout Stream, please contact:

tel.: 218-634-2522
email: Assistant Area Fisheries Supervisor

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