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Electrofishing at night
Electrofishing at night

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Setting a gill net



Throughout the current field season we will be posting preliminary results, or quick summaries of lake surveys we are conducting. Summaries from the previous year will remain until published on LakeFinder. Standard Lake Surveys are completed using both gill and trap nets. Catches of species from standard lake surveys are shown for the indicator gear. For example: northern pike, walleye, and yellow perch are best sampled with gill nets, while bluegill are best sampled with trap nets. Black and white crappie are generally best sampled with gill nets but in some lakes are better sampled with trap nets. Largemouth and smallmouth bass tend to be difficult to catch with nets, so we conduct spring night-time electrofishing to sample them. Please feel free to contact our office with any specific questions you may have. We will be glad to help you. E-mail Lake Survey Specialist.


Lake Survey Summary - 2016

Note: Data is preliminary and subject to change before being published on LakeFinder.


Lake (County) DateSpeciesNumber/netAverage length (in)Largest (in)
Belle (Mcleod) 6/6/2016Black Crappie19.254.7114.41
 Northern Pike5.1724.3932.44
 Yellow Perch24.176.049.49
Clear Lake (Brown) 6/13/2016Black Crappie122.117.011.42
 Yellow Perch15.06.036.73
Sleepy Eye (Brown) 6/20/2016Black Crappie12.56.129.17
 Northern Pike9.023.2735.94
 Yellow Perch14.336.528.98
Jennie (Meeker) 6/27/2016Black Crappie4.675.0410.39
 Northern Pike21.3321.3331.50
 Yellow Perch5.06.239.45
Collinwood (Wright) 7/11/2016Black Crappie.569.1810.75
 Northern Pike4.1121.1030.79
 Yellow Perch1.338.459.76
Willie (Meeker) 7/11/2016Black Crappie10.228.2912.05
 Northern Pike8.1718.9825.20
 Yellow Perch1.177.198.03
Washington (Meeker) 7/25/2016Black Crappie14.478.4314.41
 Northern Pike4.4724.4432.20
 Yellow Perch12.606.209.61
Big Swan (Meeker) 8/8/2016Black Crappie6.228.0713.58
 Northern Pike8.5621.5932.64
 Yellow Perch2.786.698.54

Spring Bass Electrofishing Summary  2016

Largemouth Bass (LMB) are best sampled during the spring by night-time electrofishing. With electrofishing, electricity is run through the water using an electrofishing boat to temporarily immobilize fish so they can be netted. Fish are then weighed, measured and released. 


Lake (County) and dateSpecies



Average length




Total Numbers

Belle (McLeod)LMB17.49.613.429
Big Swan (Meeker)LMB6.4011.8017.48
Sleepy Eye (Brown)LMB63.611.319.757
Jennie (Meeker)LMB54.611.720.191
Collinwood (Wright)LMB6.212.216.27
Washington (Meeker)LMB10.712.317.316
Willie (Meeker)LMB18.013.019.527
Swan (McLeod)LMB7.514.417.910



Updated February 8, 2017


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