Waterville Area Education


Education is the key to the future of healthy fisheries and most importantly the continued enjoyment of those fisheries resources by the people of Minnesota and beyond. The Waterville Area Fisheries staff are available to provide presentations to school groups, clubs, lake associations, or anyone interested in learning more about fisheries management, the aquatic environment, or any other topic in fisheries or aquatic biology in the Waterville Area. Anyone interested should email the Waterville Fisheries Office or call 507-497-1820.

Hatchery Tours

If you're interested in touring the Waterville State Fish Hatchery, we recommend making reservations. Please email or call 507-497-1820. The best times to visit are from local ice out (typically April but as early as mid-March or as late as early May) when local northern pike egg collection and rearing is done through the end of May when fertilized muskellunge and walleye eggs received from northern stations are hatched and reared within the hatchery. Channel catfish are typically spawned and reared throughout the summer.


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