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Water track

MBS Bat Team update

This was an excellent season for the MBS northern long-eared bat team. Check out the bat update to learn more about the survey procedures the bat team uses to track bat roosting patterns!

X-ray of a gophersnake

MN River Reptile Project

Check out the recent herpetology finds made by Jeff LeClere and Carol Hall along with two staff members from the Nongame Wildlife Program!

Water track

Trek to the Western Water Track

An MBS ornithologist, Steve Stucker, was recently able to trek to the remote western water track. Check out the numerous floral and faunal finds he made along the soggy 5 and a half mile hike!

image of a wood turtle

Why did the turtle cross the road?

In May, MBS herpetology staff located two wood turtles in Goodhue County. To learn what to do if you see a turtle crossing the road, check out the wood turtle field update!

Spotted salamander on moss

Updates from the "Salamander Team"

Go to the salamander survey field update to read about and to check out photos of what has been found during field season 2017 thus far!


Invertebrates march on despite snowy conditions

For Kyle Johnson, February 16-26 was a fine time to be chasing bugs and soaking up sun across Koochiching, Lake of the Woods, and Roseau counties.

image of a Dwarf trout lily

Dwarf trout lily data collection

For Derek Anderson and a crew of volunteers, the week of April 17 was a fine time to be collecting data at both Clinton Falls Dwarf Trout Lily Scientific and Natural Area and the River Bend Nature Center.


Warm Weather Wanderers

April 7-9, MBS entomologist, Kyle Johnson, explored southeastern Minnesota's Blufflands and made some incredible finds!

image of rusty-patch bumblebee

Minnesota's bees and other pollinators

MBS is gathering data on Minnesota's bees. Check out the new webpages featuring information on MN's pollinators, and pollinator resources, too!

new species of moth

New to science!

MBS found this unusual moth in good numbers in two surveyed sites. Efforts to identify it eventually led experts to determine that it represented an undescribed species, which they named Eucosma millerana.

Jeff LeClere and telemetry gear

Tracking snakes

MBS Herpetologist Jeff LeClere talks about the snakes in the Weaver Dunes area in a Minnesota Public Radio feature Snakes in the grass: A key to Minnesota's vanishing prairie.

Robert Dana in the field.

Vanishing butterflies

MBS Entomologist/Prairie Ecologist Robert Dana searches for answers to the mystery behind Minnesota's vanishing prairie butterflies. Tune in to this radio story for more on this compelling conservation challenge.

image of moss

Minnesota's bryophytes

Check out bryophyte guides, written by bryologist Joannes A. Janssens, which feature photographs, illustrations, maps, and identification aids for nearly 100 of Minnesota's moss and liverwort species.

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