Updating Minnesota's wolf plan

Thank you for your input

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has taken input on its update of the state’s wolf management plan.

We are in the process of collecting and evaluating the comments submitted to us about the draft plan. Thank you to everyone who provided input.

The process

We conducted online public input meetings in the fall of 2020 that presented detailed information about each region of the Minnesota wolf range, sought participant input through an online survey and answered questions.

Partners in the plan update include tribal staff as well as representatives of state and federal agencies, academic institutions, and other organizations involved in wolf management and research. A 20-member wolf plan advisory committee worked to identify issues and explore options for wolf conservation in Minnesota. Committee members represent hunting and trapping; wolf advocacy and animal rights; livestock and agriculture; and other interests.

The DNR believes it is critical to have all voices about wolves at the table during this process. With the public’s input, DNR can effectively evaluate how the wolf management plan is working and identify what may need to be improved.

Information & plan update fact sheets
a wolf with a research collar on it

Wolf plan update process

More about updating Minnesota's wolf management plan.

photo of wolves from an aircraft

Wolf populations in Minnesota

How the DNR estimates the population of a species that prefers not to be seen and lives largely in heavily forested areas.

a couple deer hunters

Hunting and trapping discussions

Minnesotans have diverse attitudes about the topic of wolf hunting and trapping.


Living with wolves

Finding solutions to conflicts between wolves and people.

two moose in snow

Wolves, deer and moose

The wolf population in Minnesota is linked closely to the populations of deer and moose. Learn about the balance between wolves, deer and moose.

a wolf with snow falling around it

Minnesotans' attitudes about wolves

Learn about a study that identifies Minnesotans’ attitudes toward wolves and wolf management.

stock photo of a conference table and people

Wolf plan advisory committee

Twenty Minnesotans represent a range of perspectives on this advisory committee.

Background & contact information


Adopted in 2001, the state’s wolf management plan provides the framework that guides the state’s decisions about wolf regulations, population monitoring, management, conflicts, enforcement, damage control, education, research and other issues. The update of the plan is being done independently of any federal action on the status of wolves under the Endangered Species Act. Learn more about wolves in Minnesota and the state's unique wolf history.

Questions about the wolf management plan update or the advisory committee should be directed to the DNR's large carnivore specialist, Dan Stark