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New deer goals set

A doe white-tailed deer The DNR has set new deer population goals that reflect Minnesotans’ diverse perspectives about deer.

Beaver management simplified

A beaver with a DNR copyright logo on the image Recent law changes have simplified beaver management in Minnesota.

More options for elk hunters

A bull elk on the edge of trees and grass Hunters can apply through June 12 to hunt elk in northwestern Minnesota.

Leave deer fawns alone

A fawn in some garlic Deer fawns are being born this time of year and the DNR asks that people avoid disturbing or touching them.

Be aware of bears this spring

A black bear As bears emerge from hibernation, the DNR reminds homeowners to check their property for food sources that could attract bears.

A Dakota County deer positive for CWD

A doe A wild deer in Dakota County was confirmed positive for chronic wasting disease.