Collecting Conifer Cones

Contact the area forestry office drop off location in your area before collecting for the quota of cone or seeds they will purchase plus instructions on proper collecting, handling and labeling requirements. Collecting, storing, and delivering large quantities of high-quality seed, you are helping to grow deciduous forest adapted to Minnesota.

Species Crop freq.
Time to collect conesCone ripenessBearing Age (min years)Range of pds/seed/
bushel of cones
Production Cycle
Flowering Dates
Tamarack3–4AugustTan20–400.25–0.75280,00017,5001April– May
Balsam fir2–3AugustPurple–Brown15–202.0–2.560,0003,7501May
White spruce2–6AugustTan20–250.4–1.2180,00011,2501May
White pine3–10SeptemberReddish– Purple5–100.6–1.022,0001,3752May–June
White cedar2–3SeptemberTan20–301.0320,00020,0001April–May
Jack pine3–4SeptemberTan3–150.4–0.8110,0006,8752April–May
Red pine3–7SeptemberPurple20–250.5–0.850,0003,1252May–June
Black spruce4–5SeptemberPurple30–400.25–0.75380,00027,3751May–June
Red cedar2–3SeptemberBlue107.0–9.040,0002,5001April–May

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