Reasons to plant trees

Can you find a reason to plant some trees?

Windbreaks and shelterbelts

Several rows of trees and shrubs planted along your driveway will make an excellent natural snow fence. Rows of trees and shrubs planted on the west and north sides of your house can reduce your heating bill by up to 20 percent. A windbreak planted along your property boundary provides privacy and wind protection no manufactured fence can offer. Windbreaks and shelterbelts provide also wildlife food and shelter.

Erosion control

Stands of trees are very effective at minimizing soil erosion. The spreading branches slow the rain and wind, reducing the impact on soils. Tree and shrub roots help stabilize the soil, slowing loss to runoff.


Mixed plantings of trees and shrubs provide excellent cover and a source of food for a whole variety of animals, big and small. Deer like to feed on twigs and buds, birds on the seeds and berries (and on the insects that also make trees their home). Pheasants seek the protection dense plantings of trees and shrubs provide.

Fiber production

Wood products are used in your home, in your clothes, in your car, and on the job. The uses of, and demand for, this versatile renewable resource continue to grow. Trees can serve many useful purposes during their lifespan and provide necessary wood fiber when they mature.

Need planting advice?

Contact your local DNR Forestry office.

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