2023 special deer hunts


Youth hunts:Friday, Aug. 18 (unless noted otherwise)
Adult hunts:Thursday, Sept. 7 (unless noted otherwise)

Hunts, permit required

Area nameHuntPermitsDatesBagTypeAdditional info
Lake Tamarack Unit of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum8955Oct. 21-Nov. 52Earn-a-buckSue Koepp; 612-301-1217; [email protected]
City of Two Harbors89615Sep. 16-Nov. 302Earn-a-buckManadtory orientation; Andy Aug; 218-310-6869; [email protected]; Apply by Aug. 15
City of Blue Earth89720Sep. 16-Dec. 312Earn-a-buckTharen Haugh; 507-525-0080; [email protected]; Apply by Aug. 7; Fee $15
City of New Ulm92356Oct. 14-Dec. 313OtherDustin Fleck; 507-233-6750; Apply by Sep. 8; Fee $20
City of Lake Benton92440Sep. 16-Dec. 312Earn-a-buckEileen Christensen; 507-368-4641 ext. 1; [email protected]; Apply by Aug. 31; Fee $15
Pin Oak Prairie Scientific and Natural Area9268Oct. 1-Nov. 305Either-SexDon Ramsden ; 507-796-3284; [email protected]
City of Windom97015Sep. 16-Dec. 312Antlerless onlyDevin Kopperud; 507-831-6134; [email protected]; Apply by Sep. 1; Fee $20
Camp Ripley Military Reservation9712500Oct. 27-292Either-SexDr. Bill Faber; 800-933-0346 ext. 8082; [email protected]; Apply by Aug. 18; Fee $14
Carleton Game Refuge97240Nov. 23-Dec. 315Earn-a-buckApply by Oct. 1
City of Austin and Jay C. Hormel Nature Center97360Oct. 1-Dec. 313Earn-a-buckMandatory orientation; Dave Merrill; 507-433-1881; [email protected]; Apply by Sep. 11; Fee $25
City of Warroad97410Sep. 16-Dec. 315Either-SexWade Steinbring; 218-386-2053; [email protected]; Apply by Sep. 7
Vermillion Highlands Research; Recreation and Wildlife Management Area97560Sep. 16-Oct. 273OtherManadtory orientation; Tim Pharis; 651-322-4643; [email protected]; Apply by Aug. 11
City of Red Wing977UnlimitedSep. 16-Dec. 315OtherPatrick Ramaker; 651-385-3674; [email protected]; Fee $20
City of Redwood Falls97820Sep. 16-Dec. 313OtherPaul Parsons; 507-401-0469; [email protected]; Fee $20
City of Duluth980400Sep. 16-Dec. 313Either-SexMandatory orientation; Arrowhead Bowhunters Alliance; 111-111-1111 ext. 1111; [email protected]; Apply by Jun. 30; Fee $25
City of Mankato98140Sep. 16-Dec. 315Earn-a-buckMandatory orientation; Justin Lundborg; 507-387-8397; [email protected]; Apply by Aug. 1; Fee $15
City of Granite Falls98210Sep. 16-Dec. 311Antlerless onlyMike Thull; 320-564-2129; [email protected]; Apply by Sep. 1
City of Ortonville98330Sep. 16-Dec. 15Earn-a-buckJason Mork; Big Stone County Deputy Sheriff; 320-839-3428; [email protected]; Apply by Aug. 1; Fee $20
City of Canby98420Sep. 16-Dec. 312Either-SexBrock Smith; 507-828-8192; [email protected]; Apply by Aug. 18; Fee $5
City of Bemidji (NE)98522Sep. 16-Dec. 315Either-SexRachelle Barckholtz; 218-759-3575; [email protected]; Apply by Jul. 28; Fee $10
City of Bemidji (West)98522Sep. 16-Dec. 315Either-SexRachelle Barckholtz; 218-759-3575; [email protected]; Apply by Jul. 28; Fee $10
Bemidji Regional Airport98620Sep. 16-Dec. 315Either-SexRachelle Barckholtz; 218-759-3575; [email protected]; Apply by Jul. 28; Fee $10
Greenleaf Lake State Recreation Area987UnlimitedSep. 16-Dec. 311Either-SexKristy Rice; 320-753-0326; [email protected]
City of Baxter958UnlimitedSep. 16-Dec. 315Either-SexChief James Exsted; 218-454-5090; [email protected]
City of Owatonna99034Nov. 20-Dec. 17; Oct. 22-Nov. 195Earn-a-buckMandatory orientation; Mary Jo Knudson; 507-774-7364; [email protected]; Apply by Sep. 1; Fee $20
City of Hallock - Season B9925Oct. 21-Nov. 242Antlerless onlyMike Docken; Police Chief; 218-843-3434; [email protected]
City of Hallock - Season A9925Sep. 16-Oct. 202Antlerless onlyMike Docken; Police Chief; 218-843-3434; [email protected]
City of Hallock - Season C9925Nov. 25-Dec. 312Antlerless onlyMike Docken; Police Chief; 218-843-3434; [email protected]
River Bend Nature Center99730Nov. 9-122Earn-a-buckMandatory orientation; Brittany Smith; 507-332-7151; [email protected]; Apply by Sep. 7
City of Red Lake Falls99810Sep. 16-Dec. 311Antlerless onlyBrad Johnson; 218-253-2996; [email protected]; Apply by Sep. 1

Area nameHuntPermitsDatesBagNontoxic ammoTypeAdditional info
Franz Jevne State ParkN/AUnlimitedNov. 4-193RequiredEither-Sex 
Itasca State Park287UnlimitedNov. 4-121RequiredEither-Sex 
Cascade River State Park90075Nov. 4-191RequiredEither-Sex 
Rice Lake National Wildlife Refuge90140Nov. 11-191N/AEither-SexWalt Ford; 218-768-2402 ext. 100; [email protected]
St. Croix State Park902300Nov. 16-191RequiredEither-Sex 
Lake Louise State Park90325Nov. 11-123RequiredEarn-a-buck 
Gooseberry Falls State Park90435Nov. 4-191RequiredEither-Sex 
Split Rock Lighthouse State Park90530Nov. 4-191RequiredEither-Sex 
Tettegouche State Park90660Nov. 4-191RequiredEither-Sex 
Scenic State Park90725Nov. 4-191RequiredEither-Sex 
Hayes Lake State Park90850Nov. 4-192RequiredEither-Sex 
Lake Bemidji State Park90930Nov. 4-72RequiredEither-Sex 
Zippel Bay State Park91075Nov. 4-193RequiredEarn-a-buck 
Judge C.R. Magney State Park91145Nov. 4-191RequiredEither-Sex 
Lake Carlos State Park91320Nov. 4-71RequiredAntlerless only 
William O'Brien State Park91450Nov. 11-122RequiredEither-SexApply by Sept. 7
Lake Bronson State Park91530Nov. 4-122RequiredEarn-a-buck 
Maplewood State Park916100Nov. 4-72RequiredEither-Sex 
Miesville Ravine Park Reserve91740Nov. 4-125RequiredEither-SexMandatory orientation; Scott Hagen; 952-891-7983; [email protected]
Glacial Lakes State Park91920Nov. 9-121RequiredAntlerless only 
Wild River State Park92075Nov. 4-52RequiredEither-SexApply by Sept. 7
Lawrence Unit of the Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area92130Nov. 11-122RequiredEither-Sex 
Old Mill State Park92210Nov. 4-71RequiredEither-Sex 
Vermillion Highlands Research; Recreation and Wildlife Management Area92520Nov. 4-173N/AOtherMandatory orientation; Tim Pharis; 651-322-4643; [email protected]
Whitewater State Park92750Nov. 18-193RequiredEither-Sex 
Forestville Mystery Cave State Park93375Nov. 4-53RequiredEither-Sex 
Whitewater State Game Refuge934100Nov. 18-262N/AAntlerless onlyMandatory orientation; Jaime Edwards; 507-796-3281; [email protected]
Frontenac State Park94060Nov. 18-193RequiredEither-Sex 
City of Baxter948UnlimitedNov. 4-195N/AEither-SexChief James Exsted; 218-454-5090; [email protected]
City of Baxter955UnlimitedOct. 19-225N/AAntlerless onlyChief James Exsted; 218-454-5090; [email protected]
Great River Bluffs State Park and King's and Queen's Bluff Scientific and Natural Area96250Nov. 18-193RequiredEither-Sex 
Carver Park Reserve976110Nov. 11-125N/AEither-SexMandatory orientation; John Moriarty; 763-694-7842; [email protected]
Kilen Woods State Park99110Dec. 23-Jan. 12RequiredAntlerless only 

Area nameHuntPermitsDatesBagNontoxic ammoTypeAdditional info
Schoolcraft State Park179UnlimitedNov. 25-Dec. 101RequiredEither-Sex 
Beaver Creek Valley State Park91825Dec. 2-33RequiredEither-Sex 
McCarthy Beach State Park92910Nov. 25-Dec. 101RequiredEither-Sex 
Nerstrand Big Woods State Park and Prairie Creek Woods Scientific and Natural Area93050Dec. 2-35RequiredEarn-a-buck 
Rice Lake State Park93220Dec. 2-33RequiredAntlerless only 
Jay Cooke State Park93575Dec. 2-62RequiredEither-Sex 
Crow Wing State Park93625Dec. 2-62RequiredEither-Sex 
Lake Vermilion - Soudan Underground Mine State Park93720Nov. 25-Dec. 102RequiredEither-SexMandatory orientation
Hayes Lake State Park93850Nov. 25-Dec. 102RequiredEither-Sex 
Myre Big Island State Park93950Dec. 2-35RequiredAntlerless only 
City of Baxter941UnlimitedNov. 25-Dec. 105N/AEither-SexChief James Exsted; 218-454-5090; [email protected]
Sibley State Park94260Dec. 2-32RequiredAntlerless only 
Miesville Ravine Park Reserve94340Dec. 2-105RequiredEither-SexMandatory orientation; Scott Hagen; 952-891-7983; [email protected]
Vermillion Highlands Research; Recreation and Wildlife Management Area94420Nov. 25-Dec. 103N/AOtherMandatory orientation; Tim Pharis; 651-322-4643; [email protected]
Lake Bemidji State Park94730Dec. 1-32RequiredEither-Sex 
Savanna Portage State Park94830Nov. 25-Dec. 32RequiredEither-Sex 
St. Croix State Park949100Nov. 28-Dec. 31RequiredEither-Sex 
Lake Maria State Park96025Dec. 8-102RequiredEarn-a-buck 
Afton State Park96430Dec. 5-72RequiredAntlerless onlyApply by Sept. 7

Area nameHuntPermitsDatesBagNontoxic ammoTypeOrientation
Afton State Park95130Nov. 4-52Remains removalEither sexOct. 28
Banning State Park9656Oct. 28-292RequiredEither sexOct. 27
Blue Mounds State Park96610Nov. 18-192Remains removalEarn-a-buckNov. 17
Buffalo River State Park95912Oct. 28-292RequiredEarn-a-buckOct. 27
Camden State Park96712Oct. 28-292Remains removalEarn-a-buckOct. 27
City of Baxter9616Oct. 19-222N/AEither sexChief James Exsted; 218-454-5090; [email protected]
Kilen Woods State Park9636Oct. 28-292Remains removalEarn-a-buckOct. 27
Lake Bemidji State Park95420Oct. 20-222RequiredEither sexOct. 19
Lake Bronson State Park96910Oct. 14-151RequiredEither sexOct. 13
Lake Shetek State Park96815Nov. 18-192Remains removalAntlerlessNov. 17
Minneopa State Park89912Nov. 18-192Remains removalEither sexNov. 17
Rydell National Wildlife Refuge95715Oct. 28-293N/AEither sexOct. 22
Savanna Portage State Park95825Oct. 28-292RequiredEither sexNo in person
Sibley State Park95210Oct. 28-291Remains removalEither sexNo in person
St. Croix State Park95690Oct. 28-291RequiredEither sexOct. 27
Zippel Bay State Park95320Oct. 20-222RequiredEither sexNo in person

Area nameHuntPermitsDatesBagTypeOrientation
Camp Ripley950175Oct.7-82Either sexMandatory orientation; Jan Ekert; 320-339-9927; [email protected]
Sand Prairie WMA (Sherburne County): Open during the regular archery deer season for youth ages 10 through 17. Regular archery deer rules apply.

Hunts, no permit needed

Area nameHuntPermitsDatesBagNontoxic ammoTypeAdditional info
City of Jackson928UnlimitedSept. 16-Dec. 312N/AAntlerless onlyShawn Haken; 507-847-4420; [email protected]
Carver Rapids and Thompson Ferry Units of the Minnesota Valley SRA979UnlimitedSept. 16-Dec. 315RequiredEither-sex 
Greenleaf Lake SRA987UnlimitedSept. 16-Dec. 311RequiredEither-sexKristy Rice; 320-753-0326; [email protected]

Area nameHuntPermitsDatesBagNontoxic ammoTypeAdditional info
Schoolcraft State Park912UnlimitedNov. 4-191RequiredEither-sex 
City of Grand Rapids931UnlimitedNov. 4-195N/AEither-sexMandatory CWD sampling; DNR wildlife office 218-328-8860
Franz Jevne State Park105UnlimitedNov. 4-193RequiredEither-sex 
Itasca State Park287UnlimitedNov. 4-121RequiredEither-sexLouis Peterson 218-308-2290

Area nameHuntPermitsDatesBagNontoxic ammoTypeAdditional info
Itasca State Park287UnlimitedNov. 25-Dec. 101RequiredEither-sexIncludes Itasca Wilderness Sanctuary; Louis Peterson 218-308-2290.
City of Grand Rapids946UnlimitedNov. 25-Dec. 105N/AEither-sexMandatory CWD sampling; DNR wildlife office 218-328-8860
Schoolcraft State Park679UnlimitedNov. 25-Dec. 101RequiredEither-sex 


If permit applications exceed the number of permits available, computerized drawings will be used to issue permits.

  • Drawings for antlerless deer or special area permits are based on a preference system. Hunters accumulate preference by applying without getting drawn. Applicants receiving an antlerless deer or special hunt area permit lose their accrued preference.
  • Preference is not affected by applying for a different area than the year before or by not applying for one or more years.
  • Preference for group applications is based on the member with the fewest points.
  • Only successful applicants will be notified.
  • Information about the drawings and individual applications is available by the end of September on the lottery page.

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