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Fall 2019 Land Sale

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will offer 17 parcels at three public oral bid auctions this October. The auctions will be held in Virginia, Wadena and St. Paul, Minnesota.

The properties include unimproved recreational land in Carlton, Chisago, Isanti, Kanabec, Otter Tail, Pine, St. Louis, Wabasha and Wadena counties.



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Land sale web map

View an interactive map displaying the land sale parcels that will be available at the auction.


Auction and Parcel Information

Before attending an auction, please carefully review the property data sheets and the Instructions for Oral Bid Auction and Terms and Conditions of Sale. The instructions contain important information, such as how to bid, and the amount of down payment required at the time of the sale, and other DNR auction sale procedures.


  1. Thursday, Oct. 10 at Miners Memorial Building 821 S. 9th Ave., Virginia, 55792.

  2. Tuesday, Oct. 29 at 10 a.m. at the DNR Central Office, Lobby Conference Room, 500 Lafayette Road, St. Paul, 55155. Registration begins at 9:30 a.m.
    • Sale 13101 Chisago County, Wild River (1 acre). Minimum bid: $4,100
    • Sale 30119 Isanti County, Spencer Brook Township (40 acres). Minimum bid: $71,000
    • Sale 33167 Kanabec County, Joseph O’Brien WMA (68.31 acres). Minimum bid: $68,000
    • Sale 33174 Kanabec County, Snake River (4.9 acres). Minimum bid: $36,000
    • Sale 58132 Pine County, General CC Andrews (2.12 acres). Minimum bid: $16,000
    • Sale 69161 St. Louis County, Gannon Lake (320 acres). Minimum bid: $139,000
    • Sale 79173 Wabasha County, Zumbro River (10 acres). Minimum bid: $30,000

  3. Wednesday, Oct. 30 at 10 a.m. at Wadena County Courthouse, 415 Jefferson Street South, Wadena, 56482. Registration beings at 9:30 a.m.
    • Sale 56172 Otter Tail County, Big Pine Lake East (0.48 acres). Minimum bid: $25,000
    • Sale 80164 Wadena County, Lyons State Forest 2 (39.5 acres). Minimum bid: $30,000
    • Sale 80165 Wadena County, Lyons State Forest 3 (40 acres). Minimum bid: $30,000
    • Sale 80166 Wadena County, Lyons State Forest 4 (40 acres). Minimum bid: $30,000
    • Sale 80168 Wadena County, Lyons State Forest 5 (40 acres). Minimum bid: $14,000
    • Sale 80169 Wadena County, Lyons State Forest 6 (40 acres). Minimum bid: $30,000
    • Sale 80170 Wadena County, Huntersville State Forest (40 acres). Minimum bid: $14,000

For additional information please call 651-259-5432, 888-MINNDNR (646-6367) or e-mail DNR Land Sales.


Land sale program

Minnesota is the largest landowner in the state with the DNR managing 5.6 million acres of its land. Continually working to improve the public land through strategic land asset management, the DNR regularly evaluates the state’s land holdings, looking for ways to improve conservation, recreation, and economic opportunities.

This active management of our land asset portfolio is one of the ways DNR meets its responsibility to the public and contributes to Minnesota’s exceptional quality of life. Land sales are a component of this work. The DNR coordinates the statutory and program requirements to sell state owned land that no longer meet the state’s needs. The most common way the DNR sells land is by public auction.

Why does the DNR sell land?
  • DNR works to improve its public land asset and sales are an important tool in managing public lands.
  • The DNR sells land because:
    • The land no longer meets conservation or recreation objectives.
    • Sale allows the state to maximize recreation, conservation and economic opportunities for citizens.
    • Sale resolves conflicting management uses.
    • Sale meets DNR’s fiduciary responsibilities on trust lands.
    • The legislature directs DNR to sell land.
  • Proceeds from sales are often re-invested in purchasing higher quality parcels.
How does the DNR sell land?

DNR sells land at public auctions. By following statutory requirements for the public auction the DNR provides a fair and open process to all members of the public.

  • DNR staff select and review parcels prior to sale.
  • The price is determined by appraisal staff or outside appraisers. By law, the price of the parcel cannot be less than the estimated or appraised value.
  • Notices of land sales are provided to other state agencies, local units of government, adjacent landowners and published on DNR’s land sale webpage.
When does the DNR sell land?

Public auctions are held once a year in the fall.

Parcels are advertised at the MN State Fair for the upcoming fall public auction.

Where does the DNR sell land?

Auctions are generally held at DNR or county offices near the parcels to be sold.

The DNR also has authority to sell land via online auction. This will be explored in the coming years.

Who are the main contacts at the DNR for land sales?
What if I have a question about a specific parcel of land the DNR manages?
  • Please have the legal description, including the county, township, section, range and forty available. It is also helpful to have a county tax identification number available.
  • Contact Regional land operations staff in the region where the county is located. See the Lands and Minerals regional contact map to identify your regional contact.
  • You can also contact the DNR through the land sale email, or land sale phone line, 651-259-5432.

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The Mn Dept of Transportation and Dept of Administration also periodically sell surplus property. Click on the links to find out more.