Tax-forfeited land reviews

Tax-forfeited land

Tax-forfeited land sale information is not available from the DNR. If you are interested in purchasing tax-forfeited land, please contact the county auditor or county land department in the county in which the land is located. (Find your county offices using the State of Minnesota county search.)

As public lands, tax-forfeited lands can provide multiple public benefits, including natural resources uses. However, some lands would best be managed for private benefits and should be returned to private ownership.


Tax-forfeited land review

The DNR is directed by state law to review, authorize and approve the sale of certain tax-forfeited lands (i.e. lands that have forfeited for non-payment of general real estate tax). The county where the parcel is located makes a determination of whether or not the parcel will require DNR review by referring to the summary of statutory review granted to DNR for the review of proposed land sales. Please note that the 2017 Minnesota Legislature made some changes to tax-forfeited land sale law. Those changes have been incorporated into the DNR’s tax-forfeited land reviews materials on the pages linked below. If you have specific questions about the 2017 legislative changes, please contact the Regional Operations Supervisor in your region of the state.


For counties

At the present time we are requesting that Tax-Forfeited Land Sale review requests be submitted electronically. Please send the completed Tax-Forfeited Land Sale review packet by email to the Lands and Minerals Regional Operations Supervisor in your area.

The DNR intends to work in partnership with counties to fairly and efficiently review tax-forfeited parcels. Resources to assist in this process:


More information

For more information contact the Lands and Minerals Regional Operations Supervisor

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