Land acquisitions

Information about how and why the DNR buys land


The DNR purchases land and interest in lands to protect, conserve, improve, consolidate, and expand recreational and natural resource opportunities throughout the state. Examples of these acquisitions are shown in the slide show below.

Land acquisition brochure

View or download the DNR brochure summarizing DNR's role in acquiring land:
Land acquisition brochure

Land acquisition FAQs

The following are frequently asked questions related to DNR land acquisitions.

Why do we buy land?

We purchase land and interests in land to provide a variety of recreational and natural resource opportunities at locations including:

  • State Parks and Recreation Areas
  • State Trails
  • State Forests
  • Public Water Access Sites
  • Scientific and Natural Areas
  • Wildlife Management Areas
  • Trout Stream easement areas
  • Public Water Access Sites
  • Native Prairie Bank easement areas
How we buy land?

The DNR's Lands and Minerals Division coordinates the acquisition process in cooperation with various DNR divisions (Fish and Wildlife, Parks and Trails, Forestry, Ecological and Water Resources).

Here are the steps to buying land:

  • Assign an acquisition project manager
  • Gather property information
  • Appraise land
  • Make an offer
  • Obtain title opinion
  • Schedule closing
Does the DNR accept donations of land?

In some cases, we accept donations of land. There may be tax benefits if you make a donation of land to the DNR.

We can also partner on acquisitions with organizations such as local units of government, sporting clubs, conservation organizations, non-profit organizations and land trusts.

How do we determine land value?

We are required to hire an appraiser to determine the market value of your property. Some conservation easement valuations are determined by a formula.

You may hire an appraiser to provide an independent opinion of the value of your property.

If an offer is made to you, there is no obligation to accept it.

What are the benefits of selling?
  • We pay most of the closing costs
  • Your land will be available for public use
  • You will create a family legacy
  • Your land is preserved for future generations
  • Minnesotans will have new outdoor recreational opportunities

Criteria for buying land

The decision to buy land is based on the availability of funds to make the purchase and the setting of priorities for the types of sites to be purchased. Examples of our criteria for purchasing land are as followed:

  • Conserve native prairies and grasslands
  • Improve access to state land
  • Consolidate state land
  • Protect and restore trout streams
  • Enhance and improve outdoor recreation opportunities
  • Expand existing resource management areas

Interested in selling?

If you would like the DNR to consider buying your property, or have other questions about acquisitions contact the regional Lands and Minerals Division staff in your area using the map or webpage below:

Click on image for a full size PDF

Lands and Minerals Regional Contacts Map

Regional contacts webpage

For more information contact:

Chad McDonald
Acquisition Coordinator
[email protected]

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