Permit to Mine - Wetlands Program

Wetland in northern minnesota

When a wetland may be affected by a mine, a wetland replacement plan is required by state and federal rules. The Wetland Conservation Act regulates avoidance, minimization, and replacement of wetlands in the state of Minnesota (Minnesota Rules, part 8420.0930). When a permit to mine is required, the DNR is the approving authority for proposed wetland impacts (Minnesota Rules, 8420.0200 subpart 1D and more detail in 8420.0930).

In many cases, mining companies have selected and been approved to restore wetlands to mitigate or replace wetland impacts, creating a restored wetland site. These "replacement sites" are constructed, monitored, inspected, and become replacement wetlands to be used as "credits" (Minnesota Rules, 8420.0526). The credits are used to replace the lost wetland functions. A table showing the current status of these wetland replacement sites with available credits is available below.
Wetland Replacement Sites with Available Credits » as of October 2019

For additional information Contact the DNR Information Center.

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